'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: Season 3, Episode 17 'Out of the Frying Pan into the Inferno'

By Sarah McClanahan,

In 'Out of the Frying Pan into the Inferno,' Spencer is distant and heartbroken, Emily receives a gift containing a possible lead, Hanna gets arrested, and Ezra finds out about his son...but not from Aria.

The episode begins with a Spoby dream. Spencer and Toby are entangled in a steamy make-out session, but he quickly turns into the hooded 'A' figure. With both hands around Spencer's neck, he starts to choke her. Spencer wakes up in a fright.

Pam brings a box from Nate's family in to her daughter Emily's room. Its contents contain letters Emily had written to Ali.

Ms. Marin is concerned about Hanna, who chalks up her injured arm to slipping in PE. Her mom suggests she should switch classes to avoid Mona, but Hanna wants her to stay out of it.

Byron reveals to Aria that Meredith has a mental illness and may have recently been off her medication. Although he wants her to get treatment rather than punishment, he admits she should never have been brought around their family.

Spencer is acting evasive around the Liars and tries to hide the fact that her ex-boyfriend is not the person she thought he was. She lies saying their anniversary went well, but it was cut short when Toby had to leave since he had to wake up early the next morning.

The Liars discover Ali's scribbling in a biology notebook that was in the box addressed to Emily. Allegedly, she had visited Toby while he was in juvenile hall and had accused him of blackmailing her. Toby acted as if he had no idea what she was talking about, but said that if he knew who was behind the notes, he would offer his services to help them. In the end, Ali seeks to hook up with him, but it is never clear if she succeeds.

Hanna spies Paige on the phone with Caleb. Paige's comments reveal that Caleb was the one who stashed the brain in Mona's locker to bring her down, but the plan failed when she was unfazed by the incident.

When Emily corners Spencer in the bathroom, Spencer blows up at her, questioning why she still cares about Ali, the manipulative girl who never had their back. In the end, Spencer breaks down and admits she and Toby broke up, but wants Emily to keep quiet until she is ready to open up more.

While Spencer is in an English study group, Aria texts her asking her to meet her in the park. She mentions that she told Ezra that he had a son, and he had freaked out and had broken up with her. Finding the class a waste of her time, Spencer leaves to find her.

Instead of Aria, Spencer finds Ezra on a park bench. She blurts out the news about Maggie and his son, but this is the first time Ezra has heard any of it.

Ezra shows up at Rosewood High to speak with Aria. He is furious that she kept such a huge secret from him since his birthday. Aria worries how this will affect their relationship. She realizes that 'A' had set her up by sending the deceptive text to Spencer from her phone.

Later, Aria confronts Spencer. Spencer is unsympathetic, commenting that they deserve to be hurt because they lie to each other so much. It is essentially their fault for allowing 'A' to prey on big secrests they are hiding from family and friends. Aria is astonished that Spencer is defending their enemy.

Emily meets up with CeCe Drake, the girl Ali had been passing notes with in the biology notebook. CeCe reveals that Ali confided in her that she was two weeks late and might have been pregnant. A certain "beach hottie" she had been seeing would kill her if he knew.

Hanna follows Paige to a lesbian bar to see what she is planning. However, her night is ruined when a girl thinks Hanna is hitting on her girlfriend. The girl throws a drink on Hanna, who is then booked for underrage drinking. On top of that, Hanna catches Paige kissing another girl.

At the police station, much to Hanna's chagrin, Emily hands the notebook over to the police to analyze.

Spencer gives a photo of Toby and the 'A' key to a private investigator, giving him the permission to follow her ex to see what he is hiding.

Aria finds Ezra ready to leave for an indefinite amount of time to see his son for the first time. He understands Maggie had asked her to keep quiet about his son, and she shouldn't have been in the middle of that awkward situation in the first place. However, he dashes off quickly, not answering her questions about where they stand and when he will return.

Do you think Ezria will last? What is Paige up to and can Emily really trust her? What information will Spencer and her PI uncover about Toby? How does Ali's possible pregnancy change this murder mystery?



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