‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: ‘She’s Better Now’

By May Chan,
Welcome to Mona 2.0.

While the hiatus has ended for Pretty Little Liars fans, Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily are anything but well rested.

With Mona back at Rosewood High, the Liars are working on overdrive trying to figure out this member of the “A” team. Is Mona better now? Or, does she just want others to think that?

First of all, Mona surprises Hanna in the middle of the night by announcing she has been released from the mental institute. Mona wants hesitant Hanna in her corner, even though Hanna knows that her friends would not see eye to eye in this situation.

Meanwhile, a skateboarder in a hoodie skates by in a rush before being chased by Toby. What could one hoodied figure want with another hoodied figure?

In the morning, Emily receives word that Mona has been released. All the while Emily’s father is having a security system installed at their house given the circumstances.

Emily’s father tells his daughter that he will be supporting Garrett’s mother, who plans on going after the Rosewood police after Garrett’s murder.

Spencer and Aria meet up for coffee, but Spencer brings up telling Aria’s father about Garrett seeing Aria’s father and Ali talking.

At school, when Aria is caught using her cell phone, her substitute, who happens to be Aria’s father’s former mistress, takes it away and gives Aria one hell of pep talk.

In the hallway, Mona opens her locker to discover a piece of cow brain stuck against a knife. Of course, it’s a chaotic scene with everyone watching, including a mysterious Jason and a petrified Lucas.

Mona walks over to the trashcan with the knife-pierced brain to dispose of it before walking over to Lucas and whispering something to him. She walks away from Hanna, who tries to get Mona to talk. Then, Hanna tries to get Lucas to say something only to be met with him limping away.

When Mona walks into the restroom, Aria, Spencer, and Emily are already in discussion about how people might think it was them who planted the brain in Mona’s locker. Mona says she knows that the Liars wouldn’t do that, especially since she had helped Emily find out who had killed Maya.

However, before Mona walked in, Aria and Emily expressed feeling sorry for Mona, yet Spencer’s spidey senses are tingling. Could it really be a ploy by Mona or her “A” team to set this up to make people feel sorry for her?

Hanna finds Caleb to ask him to find out if Lucas was on the Ghost Train Party on Halloween, because remember when Aria stabbed whoever it was on the other side of the box with a screwdriver? Hanna has a hunch that Lucas’s limping could be an old wound from that night.

As Emily answers a phone call from her father, she notices Mona talking to a janitor at school, but Emily recognizes the janitor from the Lost Wood Resort where the Liars had gone to uncover Mona’s lair.

When Hanna and Emily go to the janitor’s office to find out more about the janitor, they find Mona’s stash of masks in the office before the janitor comes out of the room to investigate the noise he hears. The girls hide.

While at Ezra’s place, Aria is still feeling uncomfortable around Ezra because she knows that Ezra has a son out there who he doesn’t know about. Aria even jumps when Ezra tries to put a necklace around her for good luck at the race. And keeping the secret isn’t exactly easy when “A” is dangling the lie in the form of a baby bundle outside Ezra’s room. Will Aria spill the beans any time soon?

As Spencer and Toby are in the hot tub, Spencer is jumpy and preoccupied and feels like someone is out there watching the couple.

At the race for a good cause, everyone shows up including Mona who apparently has a viral campaign going on to win back supporters, but the Liars are wary about Mona trying too hard to win back the student body.

The girls try to head to the janitor’s office to find out more information and uncover a diary that belongs to Ali. The diary is conveniently bookmarked to the page about Aria’s father and Ali’s conversations.

The Liars hear a noise and decide to leave. Aria rips the page from the diary, but the Liars are confronted by the janitor himself. The janitor snatches the page from Aria, but when Toby coincidentally comes to find the Liars, Aria snatches the page back.

When the Liars return to helping out at the race, they come back to an explosion in the storage truck. When Meredith, Byron’s former mistress, is injured, Aria later learns that the Liars are suspects.

Byron confronts his daughter, and Aria wants to inquire about Byron and Ali’s discussions, but Aria keeps this to herself.

When Spencer warns Jason again about Mona, Jason reassures her that he knows where she’s coming from, but then when Spencer leaves, a doting Mona comes out of Jason's place to clean up his wound.

Spoilers, Questions, Thoughts:
- I am loving the addition of Hanna’s grandmother in the PLL cast. How hilarious was she when she sang the national anthem?
- Was Spencer really paranoid when she was in the hot tub with Toby, or was there actually someone watching her and Toby?
- Lucas talked about skateboarding. Does this mean that Toby was chasing Lucas earlier?
- That leaves Jason. The wound looks like it’s from the Ghost Train Party, so why is Mona acting overly affectionate towards Jason all of a sudden? And why is Jason so receptive about Mona?
- If Toby was part of a plan to set up the Liars and Mona wrote the note to get Meredith in the storage area, did anyone think that seemed too apparent?
- What do you make of Byron and Aria’s trust issues? Are you surprised that Byron still has not told Aria about this even when Aria asked him what did he think of Ali as a person?

Check out this preview of next week's episode:

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