Prince Harry excited about future nephew

By Stephanie Kaplan,
Prince Harry shares his excitement over the royal pregnancy

Soon to be home from serving in Afghanistan, Prince Harry cannot wait to get home to his family, and shares his feelings over his soon to be nephew.

People reported Harry spoke to the couple via telephone as soon as he received the good news.

“Obviously I am thrilled for them,” he shared in an interview while still on duty.

News of the royal pregnancy came out when reports of the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton's being hospitalized for having morning sickness were leaked. The Hollywood Gossip speculated that at this time Middleton was around eight or nine weeks pregnant.

Prince Harry shows his protective side when mentioning, "I literally am very, very happy for them, but I just only hope that she and him – but mainly Catherine – hopefully that she gets the necessary protection to allow her as a mother-to-be to enjoy the privacy that that comes with. I seriously hope that's going to be able to happen."

Prince Harry's concerns are no surprise since his and Prince William's late mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, was killed in a car accident that was perceived to have been caused by a paparazzi chase frenzy.



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