Prince Harry’s deployment to Afghanistan

By Sarah McClanahan,

Prince Harry wanted to step out of the public eye and regain honor for his family while at the same time serving his country during his deployment to Afghanistan.

Prince Harry may be third in line to the British throne, but he was recently commanding an Apache attach helicopter in Afghanistan alongside a multitude of other soldiers. According to CNN, Prince Harry spent four months in the military as a co-pilot gunner in southern Helmand.

Known by the alias Captain Wales, Prince Harry admitted that he killed Taliban insurgents during his service at the Camp Bastion military base, but a certain mentality and behavior is required in his position.

He feels it is justified in the military to “take a life to save a life. That’s what we revolve around I suppose.”

Harry mentioned that in his line of duty, he must protect his comrades, no matter what the cost.

"Our job out here is to make sure the guys are safe on the ground and if that means shooting someone who is shooting at them, then we will do it.”

Although a few people stared at him at first because of his royal status, Harry admitted he was able to freely walk around the base and was treated as any other soldier.

“Because there's plenty of guys in there that have never met me, therefore look at me as Prince Harry and not as Captain Wales, which is frustrating. But yeah, it's completely normal. It's as normal as it's going to get. I'm one of the guys. I don't get treated any differently."

Prince Harry used this opportunity to take a step back from the public eye, especially after he felt like he let his family down when naked photos of him partying in Las Vegas surfaced on the Internet last year. TMZ reported last August that hotel guests partying with the Prince had snapped photos of him engaged in an intense game of strip billiards- completely naked.

Prince Harry and his family have blamed the “unstoppable” media and lack of privacy for the damaging pictures.

“It was probably a classic example of me being too much 'Army' and not enough 'prince'. At the end of the day I probably let myself down, I let my family down and let other people down, but I was in a private area and there should have been a certain amount of privacy that one should expect. The papers knew I was going to Afghan anyway. So the way I was treated by them I don't think was acceptable.” Prince Harry revealed to Sky News



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