Quentin Tarantino comments about 'Prometheus' on Craig Ferguson (Video)

By Drew Barile,

Quentin Tarantino has been on his Django Unchained press tour promoting his film. He has taken the opportunity to share his thoughts on Prometheus. Tarantino complimented the film, but made a point to highlight some of the films less than intelligent aspects on The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

During the course of the witty and casual conversation Tarantino opened up about films he likes, films he would like to produce, and projects he would like to try. However, what caught a lot of attention was his comments about Prometheus.

According to Huffington Post Tarantino stated, "I saw Prometheus. I loved it and I was disappointed at the same time."

He went on to add, according to Total Film, "On one hand, I was a little disappointed about it. On the other hand, it was actually kind of cool to see such a big deal serious science-fiction epic by a director like Ridley Scott. There was part of it I actually did like, and overall the experience was really cool, having been in it ... there was also a lot of dumb stuff in it, though."

One of the "dumb" things Tarantino directs attention to is the "space cobra" scene. A scene where a lead scientist in the excursion, who specializing in alien organisms, is incautious about a foreign life form. One that is clearly aggressive and terrifying. The scientist begins to address the "space cobra" as if it were an adorable puppy or such. He approaches it and says something along the lines of 'hey little guy.' This for Tarantino was "dumb."

Tarantino also discusses his writing process during other films, such as Kill Bill. He even talks about perhaps doing a children's film, if a good story hits him, reported Slash Film
Quentin Tarantino also told Craig Ferguson about his adventures learning to ride horses and doing a horse safari in Africa.

The interview dominated the majority of the show. The comments about Prometheus begins at around 4:32 in the 'part one' video clip below. The Video is two parts in total.

Part One:

Part Two:



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