Randy Quaid fighting for permanent Canadian residency

By Daniel S Levine,

American actor Randy Quaid is fighting to remain in Canada permanently after his request was denied. He had been living in Canada as a refugee, but since he pulled his refugee claim, his fight to stay in the country has become an uphill battle.

CBC News reports that Quaid, whose wife is a Canadian citizen, sought refugee status because he claimed Hollywood “star-wackers” were after him. He said lawyers and agents were killing Hollywood stars and that he and his wife, Evi, were now targets. They cited the deaths of Heath Ledger and David Carradine.

“Organized crime and its victims are serious issues and can not be tossed off until the claim is heard,” the couple wrote in their appeal for judicial review to Federal Court. “The refugee claims should remain intact as should Evi and Randy Quaid's heads remain attached to their necks and it is their firm belief that their lives are at stake and being racketeered on.”

The couple says that an immigration officer denied him permanent Canadian residency last month and did not give a reason.

However, Quaid is in a legal mess, since he withdrew his refugee status in August. The Daily Mail notes that he then reapplied, but was denied.

“He never intended to withdraw his refugee claim,” the new documents argue. “His wife suffers from dyslexia and post-traumatic stress disorder and she reacted out of fear when she completed the withdrawal form.”

Quaid, whose brother is Vegas actor Dennis Quaid, claims that they are still in danger. “The Quaids claim is not Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. Evi and Randy Quaids lives are in danger here!” the couple wrote. “Evi and Randy Quaid have been subjected to an injustice.”

Quaid is best known for LBJ: The Early Years and National Lampoon’s Vacation.



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