Ray Allen’s Celtics reunion in Boston

By Jassum Gloster,

Today, Ray Allen and the Miami Heat will meet their rivals, the Boston Celtics. Allen used to play on the Celtics, and this will be his first time in Boston since he declined their offer last season to continue playing with them.

When players switch teams, fans often wonder what to expect when they return. According to Yahoo! Sports, Allen said, "Everywhere you go when you're on the road you're going to get booed anyway. I expect that because I'm on the other team now."

Last season did not go the way that Allen wanted it to: he was on the trading block to go to the Memphis Grizzlies for half the season, he had problems with teammate Rajon Rondo, and he lost his starting position to Avery Bradley. His minutes on the court decreased, and he received a very late offer to stay with the Celtics. He then made the choice to leave and join the team he thought was best for him.

Allen added, "They prioritized who they wanted to sign and then they came to me matter of factly. Then you tell me I'm going to come off the bench and take less minutes. ... When you put me in the situation where you're not giving me any understanding or explanation of where the team is moving and what direction you're going in, then you're building around in another direction… At the end of the day whether it makes sense to you or not, you're not showing me that you really need me back or want me back."

The Celtics prioritized Kevin Garnett and quickly gave him an offer before even considering keeping Allen. Currently, the Celtics have no stability. They lost to the Atlanta Hawks in double overtime this past weekend, and their owner and head coach are once again going over trading scenarios to bring in better pieces. Several players will most likely be traded.

Despite the troubles of last season, Allen still pays homage to the Celtics. According to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Allen said, "My sentiment toward them doesn't change regardless of how they respond toward me. ... I have great memories. I've played in some big games, won some big games. We've had some tough moments. I'll always cherish those moments. Regardless of how they respond to me, it won't change how I feel."



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