Recap: "Top Chef" Season 10, Episode 11

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This week's Top Chef picked up with the much-anticipated Restaurant Wars episode. In last week's Top Chef, Sheldon and Kristen finished in the top two and were selected to participate in the Restaurant Wars competition.

Sheldon, Stefan and Josh unite to open Urbano, a modern Filipino restaurant. Kristen, Josie, Brooke and Lizzie open Atelier Kwan, an upscale facility with a classic French focus.

Sheldon's team is short a man, but that's not the only problem he's facing: Stefan and Josh have never cooked Filipino food. Sheldon sums it up as very sour, no herbs - which doesn't instill a whole lot of confidence.

Josie, meanwhile, asks Kristen if the restaurant will have Korean influences. What part of "classic French" did she not get?

The contestants set up shop at the Georgetown Ballroom; the courtyard to be exact. In a brilliant move, Kristen unloads herself of Josie by sending her and Brooke to look for decorations. It could have been disastrous given Josie's preference for loud colors but Brooke manages to keep her on a tight leash.

At Team Sheldon, Stefan is throwing his weight around much to Sheldon's chagrin.

Back from decoration hunting, Josie continues to irk Kristen but essentially shrugging off her responsibilities. Instead of roasting bones as promised, Josie complains to Josh and Stefan during a smoke break. Josie's failure to move quickly in the kitchen causes delays and forces Kristen to scrap plans for a sauce.

Lizzie's rabbit broth wins over the judges but Atelier Kwan's good start comes to a screeching halt with yet more delays with Josie's bouillabaisse. The crab draws mixed reactions from the judges. Josie's kitchen antics really get to Kristen, who mixes up some orders. Her beef bourguignon gets positive reviews for the cooking, but the judges are disappointed by a lack of Burgundy taste. Brooke's cheese course is passable.

Stefan's kitchen runs smoother than anticipated, maybe because he drafted a dishwasher to help prep. Stefan's Kilawen gets positive reviews from customers and judges. Josh's Balut isn't really Filipino but still impresses people. Sheldon's miki with prawns and adobo with pork wows the judges. While Sheldon's food won over the crowd, Stefan's lack of hospitality was a major turn off. Did he actually yell at people to leave?

Stefan deals with the judge's criticisms about his manners with particular arrogance: "I'm a chef and not a server." Fortunately for Sheldon, Top Chef is about the food and Urbano wins the Restaurant War.

Kristen and her team must now face the judges' decision. Brooke and Lizzie earn the judges' accolades and salvation. Josie breaks down and blames her failures on Kristen. Kristen tries to explain the chaos in the kitchen but doesn't fire a broadside at Josie's idleness and shortcomings. Kristen's silence results in her elimination.

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