Retrial of former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak's life sentence

By Divya Prakash,

On Sunday, former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak’s life sentence was repealed. A retrial of Mubarak will be conducted to examine the role he played in the death of hundreds of protestors during the uprising of 2011.

Fox News reports that Mubarak’s supporters gathered in the courtroom and chanted “Long live justice”. The appeal was not entirely unexpected, as the original presiding judge voiced his belief that the prosecution’s case “lacked concrete evidence that the protesters were killed by the police”.

The Washington Post writes that Mohamed Adel, one of the leaders of the April 6th youth movement and an organizer of the protests that led to the end of Mubarak’s presidency, said “The court’s ruling is a resuscitation of the revolution”.

There are contesting stories of Mubarak’s involvement in the deaths of the protesters. Mubarak’s team of lawyers claimed that he did not know of the murders or realize how rowdy the protests had become. Others claim that Mubarak watched the entire ordeal on live TV at his palace.

The retrial will involve military officials from the Mubarak-era, which may be problematic as many of those officials still retained positions under President Mohammed Morsi’s administration government. This is especially relevant now, as Morsi’s government is having problems with asserting authority over the nation that is still having economic and political difficulties.

The retrial of Mubarak will allow the examination of evidence that was not included in the first trial.

Mubarak is currently in custody in a military hospital, and he will not be released until charges related to another case are investigated. As of yet, the retrial date for the 85-year-old Mubarak has not been set.



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