The return of Rick Adelman

By Jassum Gloster,

The head coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves Rick Adelman has returned to the team after caring for his wife. The coach was out for three weeks; the team lost nine of eleven games while he was gone.

Mary Kay Adelman is being treated for a sickness, but it’s a relatively private matter for the family. According to the Associated Press, Rick Adelman said in an interview when asked about the situation, "It's hard. I've never done this. It's never happened. But there's some things that are more important than basketball or anything else. I think the team understands that. Hopefully things will settle down here now."

About half of the season is over and Adelman has a lot of ground to make up. With his star Kevin Love injured, along with Brandon Roy, Josh Howard, and Chase Budinger, the coach truly has his hands full. The team is clearly struggling to stay healthy so they could use some serious leadership right about now.

USA Today reports that Ricky Rubio is still working his way back into full health. He has returned and played in some games, but he’s not in the same shape or condition he was before the injury to his torn ACL. Their next is against the Clippers.



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