Rihanna gets candid about her relationship with Chris Brown in Rolling Stone

By April Chieffo,

Despite the countless denials, Rihanna and Chris Brown are back on.

The 24-year-old “Stay” singer, who usually avoids questions about her relationship with Chris Brown, opened up in the new issue of Rolling Stone and said that, although they have a controversial past, she and Chris are moving forward with their relationship because, according to Rihanna, “I'd rather just live my truth and take the backlash.”

She stated in the interview, according to MTV News, "I decided it was more important for me to be happy. I wasn't going to let anybody's opinion get in the way of that. Even if it's a mistake, it's my mistake. After being tormented for so many years, being angry and dark, I'd rather just live my truth and take the backlash. I can handle it."

Although they’ve proclaimed through music that it is “Nobody’s Business,” their romance hasn’t exactly been private. Rihanna has shared countless photos of herself with Chris. In some of those photos, they are very affectionate. They have also been out publically together.


While there are fans that are happy and fans that are angry about the reunion, it has been about four years since that infamous pre-Grammy incident involving the singers. Rihanna insists that now, things are different. She insists he is different.

“We don't have those types of arguments anymore. We talk about s---. We value each other. We know exactly what we have now, and we don't want to lose that,” she said, adding that she’s smart enough now to not let their relationship head down that path again.

"He doesn't have the luxury of f---ing up again," she said. "That's just not an option. I can't say that nothing else will ever go wrong. But I'm pretty solid in the knowing that he's disgusted by that. And I wouldn't have gone this far if I ever thought that was a possibility."

Photo:Terry Richardson, Rolling Stone



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