Rihanna's mother dragged into lawsuit

By Sarah McClanahan,

Berdon LLP, the accounting firm Rihanna is suing for the loss of millions of dollars, is forcing her mother to give a deposition.

According to Perez Hilton, Berdon LLP cheated Rihanna out of millions of dollars during her 2009 Last Girl on Earth tour. They reportedly took 22% commission instead of the agreed upon 10% from her paychecks. Despite the accusations of “shoddy bookkeeping”, the accounting firm denied responsibility, claiming it was the singer’s “own financial action or inaction” that caused her to lose money.

Additionally, TMZ reports that the accounting firm is now getting her mother involved in the case. Since Rihanna was a minor when the contract was drawn up, and her mother was the one to sign the legal documents, an interview with her is an integral part of the trial. The firm even offered to fly to her mother’s home in Barbados for the talk.

Rihanna was extremely upset, claiming the maneuver was simply a way to toy with her family “to inconvenience, burden and harass” her. However, the judge overruled Rihanna’s objections to her mother’s involvement, giving the firm all the permission they need to proceed with the interview.



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