Royal Watch: Get the newest look -- the Kate Middleton nose

By Samantha Reba,

Every week, we focus and draw attention on the royal family with everything from Kate Middleton to Prince Harry. This week we focus on the fans of the royal family. The name of the royal family is becoming a household term and in regards, more women are trying to live up to the standards of Kate herself. While we all can’t live our lives surrounded by paparazzi or marry a prince, some women are choosing to look like the princess.

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Plastic Surgeons in Britain are seeing a rise in requests for women who ask to get the same perfect and petite nose of Kate Middleton. Woman are seeking to have the perfect profile nose, just like the princess. When women see the pictures of Kate smiling, happy and with a perfect nose, they want to be her.

One woman, Sarah Hattley, got a nose job back in 2011 to mimic the nose of the princess. Hattley, who is a huge admirer of Kate, first saw how happy she was when she was with William, but what stood out the most, was Middleton’s perfect nose. After being teased for her nose throughout her life, Hattley went under the knife. When she arrived at the surgeon’s office, she came ready with pictures of Middleton’s nose for inspiration. Hattley can now walk around with the same confidence as Kate, just without the royal title, reports Mail Online.

Women are willing to be the next Kate and are altering their bodies to do so. We’ve all been guilty of bringing our hairdresser a picture of a celebrity with a cute hairstyle, but giving surgeons pictures of faces, especially royalty, may be pushing the limits.

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