Royal Watch: Prince Harry done with his tour

By Samantha Reba,

With all eyes on Britain’s royal pregnancy, it’s such a shame that some royal watchers tend to forget about Prince William’s little brother Harry.

Definitely one of my favorite #princeharry pics on Twitpic

This past week, this one of a kind eligible bachelor completed his tour in Afghanistan. In his four-month tour, Harry or “Captain Wales” as his unit called him gave his time as an Apache Helicopter Pilot, USA Today. revealed.

During his tour, Harry combated with Taliban fighters as a part of his missions in support of the ground troops.

According to The Christian Science Monitor, he [Harry] also spoke of his struggle to balance his job as an army officer with his royal role — and his relief at the chance to be "one of the guys."

As far as the media was concerned, Prince Harry’s exact whereabouts were not given while on tour.

Now that this Prince is home, we’re all wondering how long it will take for this military boy to go back to his bachelor ways. Only time will tell.

Photos Courtesy of TwitPic



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