Ryan Lewis & Macklemore sign faux record deal for free lunch

By Sarah McClanahan,

The latest Funny or Die sketch features Ryan Lewis and Macklemore, known for the song “Thrift Shop,” pretending to sign a record deal in exchange for a hot meal.

Best recognized for the catchy “Thrift Shop” song, Ryan Lewis and Macklemore are the latest celebrities to become involved with the comedy website Funny or Die.

In their video, a music executive played by Paul Scheer attempts to persuade the boys to sign to a major record label.

Scheer jokingly treats them as paupers, assuming they are poor and actually shop at thrift shops because that is the title of their break-out song. Attempting to convince them, he offers shoes and a can of beans, believing that will be enough to win them over.

In the end, Macklemore and Lewis agree to the contract on one condition. They get their promised free lunch.

The Hollywood Reporter reveals that the pair are gearing up to release the single, “Can’t Hold Us,” from their album The Heist. Although the song was originally released in 2011, the hip hop artists did not have the audience they do now, and they believe the tune is worthy of airplay.

“It came out a while ago and that was always a song that we felt had some radio potential and felt more like a single – it has this huge hook, it’s massive and anthemic. It’s probably one of the biggest songs, if not the biggest song, in the live setting for us to do,” Macklemore and Lewis told The Hollywood Reporter.

They have not confirmed an expected date for the track to drop, but they have already begun shooting a “crazy” video and are planning a tour to promote The Heist this spring.



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