'Scandal' Recap

By Nicole Allen,
One for the Dog

The episode starts out with Hollis and Vice President Sally Langston arguing.

Huck is being held under the Patriot Act. Huck is viewed as an enemy for his alleged attempt to assassinate the president. Huck was being tortured in many ways. One of which is extremely controversial; water boarding. This is a tactic where they simulate that the suspect is drowning. They are doing this to force Huck into talking. However, it is not that effective because clearly, Huck was not a part of the crime. So, he has nothing to tell.

Verna Thornton admits to Olivia that she told on Huck and is the reason Huck was arrested and held under the Patriot Act.

The secret society has a meeting this time without Hollis Doyle. Only Verna, Olivia and Cyrus are present. In the meeting, Verna mentions Doyle's having two separate phones. She overheard him mention a Becky or something like that in the flip phone he keeps stashed in his drawer.

Meanwhile Abby is doing some snooping of her own. She sneaks into Doyle’s office and writes down a number that is most relevant in his recent call log. That number belongs to Becky, Huck’s ex girlfriend. Now, they have motive and evidence that Doyle was indeed involved with the Presidential shooting.

Meanwhile, Mel forges an official document. It is a letter from President Fitzgerald, requesting that he be able to resume his presidential duties again. The world thinks that he has recovered and that it is a miracle. It is not, Fitz is still not responsive and laying in his hospital bed. Moreover, the good thing about the letter was that it shook things up with Sally Langston, it called the halt button on whatever military action she had planned against the situation brewing in East Sudan.

While at the president’s bedside, Mel, Cyrus, and Olivia are discussing the possible outcomes and consequences that could result from Mel committing this act of treason. It is at this time that the audience gains an eerie feeling that President Fitz might be awake. Maybe Mel is not the only actress? Could Fitz have a secret of his own? Is he pretending to be in a coma?

David is still an innocent character without flaws. He is still on his search for justice; but instead of researching the election and the connection between Olivia and Doyle; this time he is looking out for Huck. He was extremely uncomfortable when Huck was being tortured and viewed it as act against civil rights.

Olivia and associates automatically begin cleaning up Mel’s mess. America‘s curiosity arose about the health issues of the President, after Sally leaked the document to the press. Harris persuaded the doctor to embellish, not lie, but tell how the president has made an amazing recovery thus far. Harrison encourages the doctor to stay positive. Cyrus falls right into his role, as if it was another typical day in the White House.

Cyrus and hubby James are having pillow talk. The two are playing hardball. There is an uncomfortable elephant in the room. Hubby wants a baby, but he is certainly not going to give up his research on the polling machines involved in Fitz’s election.

David calls Olivia. They meet. He tells Olivia that he knows where Huck is. Olivia immediately sets up a meeting with Sally Langston to get Huck home. Experts are called in and Sally unwillingly listens to their advice. David is all too happy to deliver the news that President Sally Langston has ordered Huck be sent home.

Cyrus and Olivia want to transfer the president to Camp David. Mel asks Olivia if she is alright. Are they bonding? She also asks what Olivia would do without the president, if he should die. Olivia tells Mel to get a grip.

Senator Davis wants to see Olivia, but better yet, he wants to see the president. As the leader of the senate, he plans to charge Olivia to the fullest extent of the law. It is considered an act of terrorism, if that letter was forged. Here we have another couple playing hardball. The beds are extremely cold this episode. The only thing heating up is lies.

Olivia sees the president again, she holds his hand. She lies in the bed next to him. She holds is his face in her hands and wraps her arm around him.

Meanwhile, Becky is on the roof of the hospital, waiting for Fitz to be moved to Camp David. This way she can finish him off. The phone rings, it's Huck. Becky is caught off guard. Huck is prepared to kill her and avenge his family, which she killed. But before he gets the chance to, Becky is apprehended.

Hubby James goes to see the baby. He holds his beautiful baby girl for the first time. They bond. It is a tender and emotional moment for James. Later on that evening, Cyrus tells James how everything was a lie. The President still has not woken up and Cyrus says he is not chief of staff anymore. James said he quit his job too. They leave to go get their baby. But on their way out, the phone rings.

Quinn asks Olivia one last time about Hollis Doyle. Olivia is willing to talk. It seems like everyone's tired of telling secrets. At this time, Olivia receives a phone call from Cyrus. The president is up and wants to speak with Liv.



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