Scheana Marie had no idea Eddie Cibrian was married and having an affair with LeAnn Rimes

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Eddie Cibrian was having an affair times two while he was still married to Brandi Glanville. The 39-year-old actor was cheating on her with both LeAnn Rimes and 27-year-old Vanderpump Rules starlet Scheana Marie. Marie admits that she ended the affair with Cibrian after she found out he was also sleeping with Rimes.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Marie admits that she was unaware that Cibrian was still married and already cheating on his wife with one woman.

She explains, “Seven years ago I met Eddie, and six or eight months go by and I find out that he's married and I call him out. He lied at first about it and then he admitted it. So I stopped talking to him for a long time.”

Marie continues, “Then I run into him one night at my work. He comes by and wants to explain himself and ask me out for drinks. He says he's now separated from his wife -- bulls--t, bulls--t, bulls--t -- and I'm like, 'Okay, whatever, I'll go with it.'”

Following finding out that he’s married, Marie explains that she only found out about Cibrian’s other mistress, singer/actress Rimes through a news story. “But come to find out shortly after the encounter that we had, there's a story posted the next day saying that he was with LeAnn and he was still married! It was just a mess. I ended things there, I stopped talking to him, and I've never talked to him again," she says. "This is such old news. It was so long ago."

Marie was confronted by Glanville where she hoped to clear the air with Glanville. However, Cibrian’s ex-wife seemed unmoved by Marie’s attempts to talk. "Don't cry, really. I lost my family. I lost everything that I had. So if anyone's going to cry here, it's not going to be you.” Glanville pressed.

Marie tells Us Weekly, “I'm sick of everyone saying I'm a homewrecker - no! He wrecked his own home," she says. "He broke his vows, he f--ked up, not me!"

What do you think? Who is at fault- Marie, Cibrian or Rimes?

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