Seth MacFarlane already in hot water for Hitler joke during Oscar nominations announcement

By Daniel S Levine,

Anyone who watches Family Guy or saw Ted knows that Seth MacFarlane likes to push boundaries and that’s exactly what he did yesterday morning when he joined Emma Stone to announce the nominees for this year’s Oscars. He made fun of Stone and the Academy’s choices, but one joke about the Austrian film Amour may have been too far for some.

After he announced Amour’s Best Foreign Film nomination, MacFarlane joked about the fact that it is a German-Austrian co-production. “The last time Austria and Germany co-produced something, it was Hitler,” he joked, notes E! News.

That joke was quickly panned on the web, prompting MacFarlane to tweet about the response. “Lotta flap over that Adolf joke. Look, Amour was a great film, so how about this: Austria, we'll give you the Oscar if you take back Arnold,” he wrote.

Slate asked if his jokes at 5:30 in the morning LA time yesterday may point to him being an awful host. His other jokes included “These are 5 people who are the very best at sitting in a chair and watching other people make a movie,” after announcing the best director category. Following best adapted screenplay, he joked, “These are adapted screenplays, so that means that the writers basically copied stuff from Microsoft Word and pasted it into Final Draft.”

We’ll have to wait until Feb. 24 to see how MacFarlane does. Check out the list of nominees here.



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