Shakira to give birth to son today

By Sarah McClanahan,

Shakira will give birth to her son today in Barcelona, Spain earlier than previously thought due to increasing discomfort and abdominal pain.

Despite the original due date scheduled for January 20, Shakira and Gerard Piqué’s son will be born later today, January 22, reports The Huffington Post. Both had hoped for a February 2 birth when they both were celebrating their birthdays, but their little one is expected at any moment.

According to Yahoo! OMG!, Shakira went to the hospital to have her baby induced after experiencing abdominal pressure. Due to the baby’s large size and lateness of the pregnancy, the gynecologist decided it was best to move forward with the pregnancy.

"Everything was organized, down to the smallest detail," an insider told The Huffington Post. "Though Shakira has always asked to have a natural childbirth, it is quite possible that, because of the enormous size of the baby, it could be a C-section. That is why within the medical team, they also have a plastic surgeon to assist her."

Shakira was admitted to the Teknon clinic in Barcelona, Spain early Tuesday morning, and is accompanied by Piqué, their parents, and two of his brothers.

At Shakira’s request, the entire medical staff is composed of women who had to sign a confidentiality agreement, promising not to release any information or photos of her or her baby.

The singer also confirmed the news via Twitter this morning. “I’d like to ask you all to accompany me in your prayers on this very important day of my life,” she wrote.

Biel, Milo, and Milan are all strong candidates for the name of Shakira’s future son, but so far they are all just speculation.

image: Twitter



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