Spider at Joshua Tree National Park named after U2 singer Bono

By Daniel S Levine,

Several previously unknown species of trapdoor spiders were recently discovered and were named after several celebrities. Researchers made sure that they named one found at Joshua Tree National Park after U2 and their lead singer Bono, especially since the group named one of their most popular albums after the park.

The Press Enterprise reports that a total of 33 new species were discovered at the park. Most of these were found in California, including three at the national park. Two were named after Native American tribes and called A. chemehuevi and A. serrano. Another was named A. bonoi in honor of Bono. U2’s best-selling 1987 album Joshua Tree is named after the park and features the tree on the cover.

Jason Bond of Auburn University in Alabama said that he also named some of the new species after Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert, actress Angelina Jolie and Cesar Chavez, reports The Associated Press.

Others honored with a trapdoor spider named after them include President Obama, magician Penn Jillette and Bond’s daughter Elisabeth.

The trapdoor spiders are found in California and Nevada. They are named for the trapdoors they create over their burrows. When the prey approaches, they sit at the entrance and jump out to bite.



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