Steve Carell likely not returning to 'The Office' for series finale

By Gina DiFalco,

For those hoping that Steve Carell will return for the series finale of The Office, you may be out of luck.

NBC chairman Bob Greenblatt commented on the situation, saying he remains “hopeful” that Carell will join the cast for the last episode, which will most likely take place in May.

"He left in the way he wanted to leave, and he and [executive producer Greg Daniels] talked about it, and I don't think he will," Greenblatt explained, Zap2it reports.

“There's maybe a little Hail Mary pass on a cameo, but I think the decision is that it will go out without him sort of compromising his exit."

NME reports that Carell played Michael Scott for the first seven seasons of the US version of the show.

While he left in 2011, his role wasn’t completely replaced. Instead, actors such as James Spader and Catherine Tate have filled the boss roles.

Considering the show hasn’t been doing as well with Carell gone, Daniels announced in August that this season would be the end.



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