Super Bowl ads going for over $4 million

By Daniel S Levine,

In less than a month, Americans will be glued to the TV to see the next winner of the NFL’s Lombardi Trophy. With the size of the Super Bowl’s audience only continuing to rise, it makes perfect sense that the cost of commercials would go up with it. The prices for 30-second spots during Super Bowl XLVII, which will air on CBS, has climbed to a new record, with some reaching $4 million.

CBS CEO Leslie Moonves said Tuesday that the average 30-second ad for this year’s Super Bowl went for $3.8 million, crushing the previous record of $3.5 million set last year, reports The Hollywood Reporter. Last year’s Super Bowl, which aired on NBC, drew a record 111.3 million viewers. Moonves is hoping for even more and that the game stays close to keep viewers glued for all four quarters.

CBS’ entire operation on Feb. 3 and the week before will be devoted to the Super Bowl, which takes place in New Orleans. The network’s programs will be headquartered in New Orleans’ Jackson Square, reports CBS News. There will be 15 sets for nine CBS divisions.

“We've never done anything like this before," CBS Sports Chairman Sean McManus admitted.

The Talk will also broadcast from New Orleans that week to take advantage of the huge female audience that the game gets every year.

“This entire corporation is getting behind this event in a way I don't think has ever been done before,” Moonves said.

Moonves also loved the idea of Beyonce as the halftime act. “She's been great for awhile, but it feels like the timing couldn't be better,” he said. “With her, and the baby, and Jay-Z, and what they represent -- plus she's at the height of her musical career, so we're really excited.”



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