Talks about the PlayStation 4

By Deana DeLisio,

Keep ‘em coming!

Allegedly, Sony has given birth to their next generation- the Playstation 4. However, the company has such an inventive way in keeping mum, no pun intended.

But you can’t put one past these keen gamers.

According to ComputerandVideogames.com Sony Computer Entertainment tweeted a link to an event that is taking place on February 20. The link very modestly stated, “See the future.”

To play on curiosity a little more, the company has posted a teaser trailer on the PlayStation Blog. The trailer contains the infamous PlayStation logo with the date “February 20th, 2013,” underneath as stated in SlashGear.

Furthermore, John Riccitiello, Electronic Arts CEO, reported yesterday that his company is entrusting $80 million for software development in consoles known as the “gen4.”

Now when we put this all together, it seems as though we have quite a system to look forward to.

The releasing of the PlayStation 4 is thought to be a good business move by Sony. Apparently, Microsoft is preparing to release the next Xbox. Major Nelson’s webpage contains a countdown clock, insinuating that the new Xbox is scheduled to be released in June. It looks like Sony gets the jump start with its PlayStation 4.

That is… if it’s coming!



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