Taylor Swift dishes on Golden Globe nomination for Best Original Song, Adele ended up winning

By Gina DiFalco,

Some may wonder why country star Taylor Swift attended the Golden Globes, and it’s because she was nominated along with The Civil Wars for Best Original Song for “Safe and Sound,” which was on The Hunger Games soundtrack.

Fresh off of her split from One Direction’s Harry Styles, Swift wore a backless mermaid-style gown with her hair slicked back into an elegant bun.

When asked by Ryan Seacrest about writing the song, she dished, “It was interesting, because Lionsgate came to us and said, ‘We want you to write from Katniss’ point of view, we want you to completely understand her and come from where she’s coming from’ and we were given such an amazing opportunity to do that [because of] Suzanne Collins, who wrote the book, and Jennifer Lawrence, who portrayed Katniss.”

Celebuzz reports she continued, “My cowriters, The Civil Wars and T Bone Burnett, were amazing. We had this idea that we wanted the song to be about the empathy that goes into this film and the undertones of sympathy and human compassion that go along with such an incredible film with all this action and fighting in it. We wanted to highlight the fact that there’s a lot of heart beneath that.”

Swift didn’t end up winning, the award went to Adele for “Skyfall,” the theme song to Skyfall.



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