Taylor Swift writing new songs 'somewhere in L.A.'

By April Chieffo,

Taylor Swift is back in the studio. The “I Knew You Were Trouble” singer, 23, just released her super successful album, Red in October, but she’s already ready to record brand new songs

On Tuesday, Swift tweeted a photo of herself. She is presumably in the studio. She captioned the photo in which she is playing guitar, “somewhere in L.A.”

Swift first announced she was back in the studio last week. She wrote, “Back in the studio. Uh oh…” on Twitter. Since Swift is known to write songs about her relationships, love and love lost, many believe that her recent breakup with Harry Styles from One Direction was what got her back in the studio to get a few things off her chest. They dated for about two months.

If you believe a recent report, her breakup with Harry Styles lead her to write five new songs already, all about Harry.

"Taylor writes music in the same way that other women chat to their friends on the phone," a source for The Sun said, according to MTV News. "It's been how she deals with her emotions for most of her life."

Five songs, however, would seem a little excessive considering they broke up less than two weeks ago.

Photo: Taylor Swift, Facebook



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