Ten television premieres for 2013

By Meghan Giannotta,

With the welcoming of 2013, we thankfully welcome back many hit television shows. The return of our favorites will also bring the première of many other shows hoping to make an entrance in 2013.

10. ABC Family’s Switched At Birth will return on Monday, January 7, for the winter season premiere. With the trail behind them, how will their family be changed by the awarding of $5 million dollars to Angelo?

9. ABC Family also welcomes back Bunheads on January 7. The show's success has brought it back for its second season premiere. After Michelle left for Las Vegas, this season will focus on how her trip has affected her lifestyle.

8. NBC will premiere Deception on January 7. When a rich woman’s life ends early, her childhood friends undergo an investigation to find out her actual cause of death.

7. The Pretty Little Liars girls will continue their search for A on Tuesday, January 8. Tune in to find out how Spencer will deal with the news of Toby being a part of the A-team.

6. NBC will be premièring its first season of 1600 Penn on January 10. The camera will follow a dysfunctional and hilarious family through their troubles of living in the White House.

5. The premiere of the Sex & The City prequel will finally arrive on Monday, January 14. The Carrie Diaries follows a young teenage Carrie through her adventures in New York City during the ‘80s.

4. Kevin Bacon will premiere in the television thriller The Following, on January 21. An FBI agent, tracks down a hard to catch powerful serial killer.

3. The second half of the fourth season of White Collar returns on January 22. The season will begin with the shocking twist that Sam is Neil’s father. Throughout the season, more secrets will be revealed to them both.

2. Do No Harm follows the struggles of a neurosurgeon who realizes that his body is no longer reacting to medication that keeps his harmful alter ego at bay. Do No Harm premieres on NBC on January 31.

1. The CW brings yet another shocking series to the network, with the premiere of Cult on February 19. The series will follow a journalist who will end up going on a search for his missing brother.



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