Tom Arnold - soon to be dad

By Sarah McClanahan,

Sons of Anarchy actor Tom Arnold and wife Ashley Groussman are expecting their first child, a baby boy, in March.

While co-hosting The View on Friday, Tom Arnold revealed that his wife is pregnant, reports People Magazine. Surprised and elated can describe Arnold’s reaction to the news, which comes three years after Arnold and Groussman wed in an intimate ceremony in Maui in November 2009.

“We’re really happy. I didn’t think it was in the cards for me, I’ll be honest, and so I was completely shocked,” Tom Arnold shared. “It’s a miracle.”

In fact, Arnold has been struggling with fertility issues throughout many of his past relationships.

“I have a very low sperm count. It’s hard on the women. I’ve tried with other people,” he revealed.

Thus, after rounds of in vitro fertilization, the couple was overjoyed to find out they were conceiving.

Now seven months pregnant, Groussman is due in March.

Arnold is supporting his wife throughout the entire process. One highlight he mentioned on air was seeing an ultrasound of his son.

“Yesterday she had an ultrasound and she keeps sending them to me and she’s like, ‘You can see he’s sucking his thumb.’”

Always the comedian, Arnold recently took to his Twitter account to mention New Year’s resolutions. Instead of everyone’s usual goal to eat healthier or exercise more during the coming year, his 2012 plan had been to gain weight.



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