Top 10 Activities for Singles on Valentines Day

By Tori Kronz,

What to do if you are single on Valentine’s Day is something that I have thought about. I spent many a Valentine’s Day single and here are a few things I thought up during that time. These are not in any particular order for how good they are.

10. Hang out with your other single friends

This was my favorite. A friend and I got together one Valentine’s Day and watched a bunch of movies. They were specifically all futuristic dystopia movies with as little romance as possible. That part of this suggestion is far form required. We just already like those movies and thought it would be funny. There are any number of things you can do and any of the following nine suggestions can be done alone or with your single friend(s).

9. Read a Book

A lot of people say they do not have time to read. They love it, but life is so busy! So, instead of worrying about finding a significant other, read a book. It could be a romance novel or it could just be that book about ancient basket weaving techniques that has been staring at you on the shelf. Whatever it is, make sure it is something you want to read, not something you feel like you have to read.

8. Go Out

I am not a bar or club person. I much prefer suggestion nine any day of the week and no matter my relationship status. However, my understanding is that many places have Valentine’s Day themed days. And these places are likely to be filled with other single people, since most of the non-singles are likely out at too expensive dinners. Who needs to be in a relationship when you can dance the night away with good friends or friends you made at the club that night. Wear something cute, do your hair and party.

Again, though, Valentine’s Day is on a Thursday this year, so maybe do not party too much if you have work in the morning.

7. Go to the movies

I know I already suggested this one, kind of, but it is a valid option no matter what. I know that a lot of people hate going to the movies alone. I am one of them. If you do not have any single friends, this one might be more difficult. This time of year, though, there are at least a few good movies out. Grab some popcorn, a soda and get comfy. Of course, you do not have to leave your house, but sometimes just getting out of the house for whatever reason can make a person feel better.

6. Offer to Watch a Friend’s Kids

If your friend has kids and a significant other, maybe now would be a good time to offer your babysitting services. This way, they will owe you one for your next date. You may not have kids, but they might have something you would like to borrow for the night. Of course, it does not have to be for such a mercenary reason. This is a meaningful way to spend a night and can be combined with a few of these other suggestions. Just not the bar one. Don’t take the kids to the bar.

5. Go to the Zoo

Or the aquarium. Or a concert. Or any other cool place that you have not been to lately or at all. These places can be fun whether or not you have a friend or two to go with. You get to look at cute animals, learn something or do any number of interesting things. My personal favorite is the zoo, especially if it has bats or red pandas. It is hard to stay sad when looking at their adorable fuzzy faces. It is like lolcats but live!

4. Have a Nice Diner

This could be part of going out. You could treat yourself to a nice dinner or you could cook yourself something you enjoy. Make something complicated and fun and be prepared to order pizza if it burns or explodes a little. If you do not mess it up a bit, then you did not challenge yourself enough! This way you get a delicious meal (whether or not you succeeded in cooking it) and learn something new.

3. Video Game Night

This is another favorite of mine. If you have a solid favorite game, then play that one. If not, go out and buy or rent something new. Whatever type of game you enjoy. If you have a friend free that night, then play a bunch of games with them! Whip out the Mario Kart and go for it. Either way, grab some candy hearts and have a blast.

2. Hang Out with Your Family

Before someone gets up in arms about how lame this sounds, give me a second. A lot of people do not spend as much time with their parents/siblings/grandparents/etc. as they wish they could. Valentine’s day is a day for love. Yes, that is usually meant as romantic love, but there is no reason why familial love is off the table. I mean, a load of people get their mom’s presents for Valentine’s day. So, if you really want to surround yourself with love, where better than with your family? Do just about any of these suggestions (again, maybe not the bar. I’m sure grandma had her hay day, but that sounds awkward to me). I usually prefer board games and the more ridiculous the better. I recommend Cranium and Balderdash.

1. Treat it like a normal day

For some, making this day into something special may seem a bit ridiculous and like too much work. Valentine’s Day can be fun, sure. And who does not love chocolate (unless you are allergic, of course)? Really, though, it is just another Thursday this year. Go to work/school/etc., show people you care about them and be your best person. Who cares if you are single? That just means you get to watch whatever movie you want when you get home!



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