Top 10 Anti-Valentine Day Movies

By Samantha Reba,

It’s that special time of year, when love is gushing through the air. If you’re like me, you may find yourself cringing at the thought of pink and red confetti, chocolate hearts and every romantic chick flick. I know for a fact that I’m not a sucker for romantic comedies, so while others are out with their significant others, staring lovingly into each other's eyes, I choose to spend the day, week and even month watching the most anti-Valentine's Day movies that the industry has to offer. So, buckle up and grab a bag of popcorn as I go through the top ten anti-Valentine's Day movies.

10. Jennifer’s Body: This movie is the perfect film to show the downside to every romance. There is no room for love when Jennifer, played by devil-controlled Megan Fox, kills your lover and destroys your sanity along the way. This film has all the blood, gore and killings that a film like Valentine’s Day seems to lack.

#MovieStillOftheDay - #JennifersBody -2009 [d. by Karyn Kusam... on Twitpic

9. Cruel Intentions: A sick and twisted movie based around step-siblings who believe they can win a bet by taking the virginity of a fellow classmate. This movie revolves around everything associated with tainted love.

Esta escena a podido conmigo, PF. #CruelIntentions  on Twitpic

8. Romeo and Juliet: Taylor Swift may have thought that Romeo and Juliet was the ideal romance, but for the rest of the world who read the book, this young romance leads to tragedy and heartache. There is nothing like the loss of young love.


7. Heathers: The first Mean Girls of its time, this movie centers upon the Heathers, a group of four girls who try to outrank each other in their narrow-minded high school. When one Heather gets mixed up with a bad boy, she brings out the meanest in these girls.

Heathers, literally the Best Thing Ever!! #Heathers on Twitpic

6. The Break-Up: A war breaks out between one couple who fights about who will end up getting their precious condo in the divorce. The longer they fight, the uglier it gets.

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5. Kill Bill: A vengeful woman goes after the team that she was once a part of after they seek out to kill her and her family.

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4. (500) Days of Summer: A young man falls for a woman who believes that true love doesn’t exist. He falls head over heels and she leaves him cold.

Amo a Summer. Me encanta su sonrisa, su pelo, sus rodillas. M... on Twitpic

3. Lolita: A twisted romance set between a young girl and an older man who get thrown together and try to live out their romance in the real world. Their love was never meant to be. If her shoes light up, she’s too young for you, bro!

Vou Assistir agr, pela 1° vez hahahaha #emocion #Lolita on Twitpic

2. War of the Roses: An older version of The Break-Up, this film revolves around the lives of a married couple who create a living hell in their home in order to have the other one move out.

1. Paranormal Activity (1-3): I love a good scary movie, and nothing takes your mind away from being alone and single like a good old fashion scare. This film series makes even the most skeptical viewers believe as this home-recorded parody film portrays the long haunting of a family. Nothing drives love apart faster than having the presence of evil in a home.

TOBBYYYY!!!!!! #paranormalactivity @mck_estes6 @rachaelharlow11 on Twitpic

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