Top 10 best and worst candy heart messages

By Samantha Reba,

Nothing says 'Be Mine' and 'Kiss Me' like the little candy hearts that come around once every year for Valentine's Day. I’m a huge supporter of the tiny sweets and their heartwarming sayings. But I’m a sucker for comedy and love, too, so I’ve decided to find out the best and worst candy heart sayings. This may make or break your heart.

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10. Soul Mate. I’m not sure if this is the worst or the best candy saying out there, but it has to be on the list. Any romantic saying on candy would certainly win me over, but I would prefer jewelry or a special weekend trip to know that I’m your soul mate.

9. Where Yo Friend At? Nothing screams "I’m a player" like the use of 'yo.' The very insinuation of that word is enough to get me running in the opposite direction. Plus ladies, if he’s more into your friend than he's into you, then you need to ditch him and his heart, because he doesn’t want yours.

8. I Think You Should Get Tested. Knock knock! Who’s there? An STD test, that’s who. Don’t end up with someone who goes out of their way to give you a mouthful more than just candy. I may have a different idea of romance than most, but I don't think this is something that anyone wants. Next please!

7. Marry Rich. This is one of the best and maybe my most recent motto in life. But ladies and gentlemen, love is not based on wealth, it’s all about trust and romance. But honestly, a little cushioning in the wallet can’t hurt.

6. Ew. This simple, two-letter word cracks me up. Nothing says, “Leave me alone, you creep,” quite like 'ew.' Plus, what can be classier than it being read on a piece of candy?

5. SNGL AGN? (Single Again?). Nothing can make you feel worse than just coming out of a relationship than realizing that you are single once again. This means no romantic dinners and no cuddling unless you went out and bought a boyfriend pillow. Why not just slap someone in the face by giving them this little sentiment of a reality check?

4. … IT'S YOU. At one point in our lives, we have pulled the, “It’s not you, it’s me," line. I’m certainly guilty as charged. But with this little piece of candy, you can go one step ahead and just tell the truth: "Well sweetheart, honestly … it’s you!”

3. Tweet Me. Not everything can be bad on Valentine’s Day. So, if you’re shy but thriving on social media via Twitter or Facebook, send out this cute little saying. Nothing grabs my attention like a snazzy, social media pick up. Yes, I did just use the word, “snazzy.”

2. SPICE IT UP. Lacking a little something in your relationship that you’re just too proud to say? Well, this little heart says it all. It’s subtle and it just might make things a little spicier between you and the one you care for. And there's nothing wrong with that.

1. LOVE ME. It’s straightforward, sweet and enduring. It can be said to someone with a romantic interest or as a funny plea to friends and family when they don’t return your call. I like the simplicity of it. Nothing says Valentine’s Day unless love is thrown in.

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