Top 10 Most Riveting Soap Storylines of 2012

By Sari N. Kent,

2012 was a knockout year for soaps. There were storylines that shocked and stunned us and others that uplifted us. So, here’s a list of the Most Riveting Soap storylines of 2012!

10. Stephanie’s death on The Bold & the Beautiful: When Stephanie learned her cancer had returned and there was really no hope for remission this time, instead of wallowing on her impending demise. SHE THREW A PARTY! Everyone she loved, with the exception of MIA son Ridge was there to say goodbye to Stephanie. Fans got to see clips of Stephanie’s most memorable moments and then, after the party, despite everyone’s behest, Stephanie went off with Eric to die in peace. But, nothing ever goes as planned on soaps and Eric was called away leaving a dying Stephanie in the care of Brooke. Brooke and Stephanie had been lifelong rivals but since Stephanie’s cancer, surprisingly, Brooke was by her side and the two finally put their animosity toward each other aside and became great friends. Then, outside the Forrester cabin Stephanie loved so much. She quietly passed away in Brooke’s arms. A fitting yet sad departure for the queen of the Forrester clan!

9. Kristen’s return to Salem on Days of our Lives: Kristen Blake hadn’t been heard from in years after leaving Salem and trying one last time to poison Marlena with chocolates, which didn’t work since Belle ate them and was saved by Roman. Anyway, we last saw Kristen on an island faraway but in October 2012, Stefano was on a mission to rebuild a broken DiMera family. Since Lexie's death, Chad and E.J.'s fight, none of the DiMeras were connected. So, Stefano reached out to Kristen to put the family back together. Because he had been sending her checks for years, she agreed to help Stefano, knowing full well that her return to Salem would not be welcomed by everyone. But, Kristen took on the challenge on and met with both Marlena and John upon arriving in Salem. Neither were happy to see her, but Kristen insisted that she'd had a lot of therapy and was a changed woman. Marlena, most especially, didn’t believe Kristen and was sure that Kristen was manipulating them again, which caused Marlena to jump to several false assumptions about many of Kristen's actions. Yet, John was starting to believe that Kristen had changed and was trying to make amends. This has caused friction between John and Marlena, which was Kristen's plan all along. Looks like Kristen hasn’t changed one bit and I’m sure fans are eager to see what deviousness she has up her sleeve this time.

8. Heather Webber’s return on General Hospital: When Sam went to see Heather, who was locked up in Ferncliff, to ask her questions about Jason’s birth mother and Heather’s cousin, Susan Moore, she had no idea the monster she had unleashed. Heather agreed to share what she knew about Jason's birth in exchange for Sam's promise to deliver a letter from Heather to her son, Steven Lars. Heather told Sam that Susan had passed out after giving birth to Jason and only a nurse had been present at the delivery. While Susan was unconscious, she gave birth to a second son and Heather sold the child to the nurse without ever telling her cousin Susan about the other child. Later, when Heather learned that Sam didn’t take her letter to Steven Lars, she vowed revenge. Shortly after Sam's visit, Heather was declared sane and released from Ferncliff into the care of her Steven Lars, who said he’d take full responsibility for his mother. That’s when the real trouble began. Heather switched the paternity test of Sam and Jason’s baby to make it look like Jason’s twin brother Franco, not Jason was the father. In addition, Heather resumed her obsession with Luke Spencer and while burying Anthony Zacchara’s body on a very stormy night, thinking it would help Luke, she ran into Todd Manning. Todd had Téa's newborn baby in his arms, but it wasn’t breathing. Sam also gave birth to a boy that same evening. Heather found Sam unconscious and saw her opportunity to punish Sam and she switched Sam's son with Téa's deceased child. Thankfully, Jason figured out the switch and saved the baby before Heather jumped off the hospital roof with him. Heather survived the jump and managed to ruin yet another Quartermaine Thanksgiving. She’s now back ensconced at Ferncliff but if GH fans know anything, it’s that as long as Heather Webber is alive, she isn’t done wreaking havoc on the citizens of Port Charles.

7. OLTL’s Todd Manning comes to Port Charles on General Hospital: In February 2012, Todd jumped bail for the murder of his twin brother, Victor, and headed to Port Charles after hearing that Starr had been in a car accident. Since then, he’s been a busy boy. Almost shot Sonny when he thought he was responsible for the death of his granddaughter, Hope, has formed a friendship/attraction with Carly, moved his Llanview, Pennsylvania newspaper The Sun to Port Charles, began Manning Enterprises, was involved in switching Téa's dead baby with Sam’s live one, cavorted with Heather Webber to cover it up, is blackmailing Johnny with the knowledge that he caused Hope and Cole’s death and is in cahoots with Connie to cover-up his knowledge of Johnny’s guilt. And that’s all been done in 2012! It’s certain fans are waiting with bated breath to see what Todd has up his sleeve in 2013!

6. Lexie dying of a brain tumor on Days of our Lives: In spring 2012, Lexie learned that she had a long-lost brother. Celeste had another child, who had been kept from her and the family for years. Lexie and Cameron were thrilled to meet, and Cameron quickly formed a bond with Lexie and her family. But, they didn’t have much time to spend together as Lexie was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. After researching extensively, Abe learned the brain tumor could have been caused by extended exposure to fumes like those present in the underground tunnels where Andre kept Lexie prisoner. Though Stefano wasn’t responsible for Lexie’s imprisonment, he knew Andre was dangerous and felt responsible. Lexie forgave Stefano and made peace with him right before he was shot and “killed” a few weeks later. Despite being a doctor, Lexie opted not to go forward with any treatment and chose to spend her remaining time doing things that she liked with the people that she loved. Abe and E.J. recreated France in the town square so that Lexie could have her day in "Paris." Friends came to the Carver house to share memories with Lexie. Lexie made scrapbooks and videos for Theo and Abe to watch after she died. She also left instructions for all of her friends to watch out for Theo and Abe. As Lexie grew weaker, she spent more and more time at home. Finally, Lexie passed away in Abe's arms while the two of them sat together in their garden.

6. Robin’s “death” on General Hospital: Dr. Robin Scorpio was a beloved citizen of Port Charles. A doctor with HIV who wasn’t afraid of her diagnosis and beat the odds of the disease by leading a healthy life with a wonderful husband and a beautiful daughter. When she learned her ex-lover and friend Jason was sick, she made it her mission to save him. But, while working on an antidote for him, an explosion occurred in the lab and Robin was presumably killed with her body being burned beyond recognition. Her parents, spies Robert and Anna were inconsolable and Robin’s husband Patrick was totally shattered. He got hooked on pills to dull the pain but his friends helped him realize that pills weren’t the answer. Robert, devastated that he wasn’t there when Robin needed him the most, tried to kill himself but Luke saved him by giving him something to live for, he lied that Ethan, was Robert’s son NOT Luke’s. Viewers later learned Robin was alive and well and is being held captive while her friends and family mourned her loss. But, if loyal GH fans know Robin, she’ll figure out a way to escape and make it back to Port Charles and everyone that loves her.

5. Jason’s death on General Hospital: Jason Morgan had a tough year. He learned he had a psychotic twin brother, who raped his wife and was the father of her baby. The fact that Sam’s baby was Franco’s and not Jason’s tore their marriage apart despite Sam and Jason’s deep love for one another. But, when Sam’s baby appeared to be stillborn, Jason felt something was amiss. He and Spinelli eventually learned that Heather had switched babies with Tea’s deceased baby. Jason was able to reunite Sam with her son and they got past the fact that the baby, who Sam named Daniel Edward, after her brother and Jason’s grandfather, was Franco’s and reunited. But, their reunion didn’t last long. Jason was gunned down by a back-from-the-dead Duke Lavery on the docks and fell into the river. His body was never recovered despite an exhaustive search. The irony of it all, that night Steve learned that his mother, Heather, had doctored Daniel’s paternity test and that he was Jason’s son NOT Franco’s. He delivered the news to an elated Sam but Jason was already gone. Everyone close to “Stone Cold” was devastated. Carly, Sonny, Michael, Spinelli, Monica, Elizabeth but with no body, fans are hoping Jason will soon re-emerge and learn that Daniel is really his son.

4. Paul shooting his son Ricky on The Young & the Restless: In 2011, a now college-aged Ricky, Paul and crazy Isabella’s son, had come back to Genoa City as an intern for well-known attorney, Avery Clark. Once in town, Ricky definitely displayed that the apple didn’t far from the tree. Since coming to town, Ricky had done a number of amoral things such as probing his crazy aunt Patty for info for a story. Ricky published his story about Patty on a true crime blog, and it went viral. Paul confronted Ricky, demanding to know how he could do that to his aunt Patty. Ricky countered that he empathized with Patty because she was just like his mother, Isabella. Ricky remarked that both Patty and Isabella had loved Paul, but Paul had abandoned them, and Ricky too. Ricky said that Paul had only visited him every couple of years, and that they had never been a family. Paul then began to learn more about his son. Paul asked Avery about Ricky. She told Paul that Ricky's girlfriend, Rachel, had killed herself after he broke up with her, so he had thrown himself into his work. Paul continued to dig and talked to Rachel’s best friend, who thought Ricky had killed Rachel. Paul did some digging and contacted Craig Hunt, a friend of Ricky’s, who was anxious to meet Paul at Jimmy's Bar, to talk about Rachel. Ricky met Paul there instead, and later Craig was discovered as a fatality in a car wreck on the highway. Christine got Paul more information, that Rachel had been found dead in a bath tub with the door locked from the inside so police concluded that she was a probable suicide. But, Paul became convinced that Ricky had been involved in both murders. Then, while alone in Ricky’s hotel room, Daisy stumbled upon a video on his laptop, which showed Ricky drowning Rachel in the bathtub. Ricky later saw what Daisy had seen and she mysteriously disappeared before she could tell Michael. Ricky, who had Daisy’s wallet, kept making using her credit card to make it seem like Daisy had simply run off but Eden became suspicious. She found Daisy’s wallet, credit card and phone in Ricky’s room and when Ricky discovered her there, he threw against the bathtub and she was knocked unconscious. Soon after, Kevin told Paul that Eden was missing and he was sure Ricky was involved. Meanwhile, Ricky held a knife to Eden's throat, asking Eden's limp body if she was ready to die, and telling her that no one would ever find her body or Daisy's. Paul then went to see Ricky and they argued as Ricky told him how lonely he felt as a child and how his grandparents, who raised him, never understood him. Ricky convinced Paul that they would get to know each other but as Paul left he saw a backpack on the floor and palmed Ricky’s room key. Once Paul left, Ricky went back to kill Eden. Paul realized that the backpack was Eden's and ran back up to the room. Opening the bathroom door, Paul found Ricky on the floor with a knife at Eden's throat. When Ricky refused to drop the knife, Paul pulled a gun on him. Paul pleaded with Ricky, to drop the gun and not kill Eden. Ricky admitted to killing Rachel, Craig and that he had gotten rid of Daisy. Ricky then exclaimed, "Are you proud of your boy? This is all your fault, the reason I turned out this way, a product of your neglect. Are you going to take out your own kid?" Paul begged Ricky to drop the gun. Ricky begged Paul to shoot. Ricky stood up to stab Eden, Paul shot him, and Ricky flew backward and out of the window. Paul stood at the window sobbing as he looked down below at his dead son, Ricky.

3. Katie giving birth, almost dying then suffering from postpartum depression on The Bold & the Beautiful: When Katie told husband Bill that she was pregnant, he demanded that she have an abortion. When she refused to do so, he broke down and admitted that he only demand she did so because he feared she would die giving birth due to her heart condition. But, Katie decided that having Bill’s child was worth the risk. Months into her pregnancy, Katie found Hope’s biological father, Deacon Sharpe, in Bill’s office and went into premature labor upon finding out Bill had bribed a warden to release Deacon from jail to prevent Hope's wedding to Liam, so he could be with Steffy. Katie had a C-section and gave birth to baby Will, then flat lined after a heart attack. During her near-death experience, Katie saw beloved deceased brother Storm, who helped Katie return to the living. Once she recovered, Katie had trouble connecting to Will since she couldn't forgive Bill for putting their family in jeopardy. Katie's sisters were told what Bill had done, but they agreed not to prosecute for the sake of Katie and Will. Katie slipped into postpartum depression, and Taylor suggested that Katie's fear of orphaning Will had blocked her maternal bond. Katie then, believing she was dying, left Bill a note and her wedding ring. She also told him to move on with her sister Brooke, who Ridge had left after finding out she saw Deacon. Katie felt Brooke could be the mother to Will that Katie couldn’t be. Bill and Brooke shared a kiss stemming from Brooke’s grief over Stephanie’s death and Bill’s sorrow for Katie leaving him but Taylor eventually tracked Katie down and she eventually came to see she wasn’t dying and returned to her husband and son.

2. Edward Quartermaine passes away on General Hospital: Edward Quartermaine was the feisty patriarch of the kooky Quartermaine clan. He could be conniving, malicious and downright sneaky but he did it all in the name of family. Edward was heartbroken following Robin’s “death.” When the city’s water supply was poisoned and Edward like the rest of Port Charles’ residents became infected with a high fever, except for Tracy, who seemed to be immune and one dose of the cure was created from Tracy's blood. Tracy secured the medication Edward, but he insisted that Robin's daughter, Emma have it instead because he loved and missed Robin so much following her “death.” Thankfully, more of the counteragent was found and Edward survived but his health continued to decline. Monica knew Edward’s end was near and friends and family came to the mansion to say their goodbyes. Michael told Edward how much he loved him and Sam even came by with baby Daniel, and Edward touched the baby’s hand when she said he was Jason’s son. Finally, Tracy, who was unwilling to face the truth, tearfully said goodbye to “Daddy.” But, Monica was with Edward in his final moments as he uttered his final word, "Lila." Edward’s spirit was later reunited with Lila’s and the two walked together up the stairs of the Quartermaine mansion. A fitting tribute to the patriarch of Port Charles.

1. Duke Lavery, Caesar Faison & AJ Quartermaine’s returns on General Hospital: I know this should count as three separate entries but the enormity of these returns combined is what makes them #1 to me. When beloved Dr. Robin Scorpio was supposedly killed in a lab explosion at the hospital, all of Port Charles and GH viewers mourned. But, imagine viewers surprise when it was revealed that her death had been faked and she was being held captive in a Swiss clinic but none other than…presumed dead ex-mob boss turned good guy Duke Lavery! Fans were puzzled as to why Duke, who was like a father to Robin and loved her mother Anna passionately, would want to make her and everyone else believe Robin was dead. For weeks, fans pondered this question until Duke started getting things about his past with Robin and Anna wrong. Then, the truth was revealed. It wasn’t Duke Lavery at all…it was Caesar Faison in a Duke Lavery mask! He had returned again, still obsessed with Anna and hell bent on winning her heart once and for all. But, was the real Duke Lavery also alive? Fans also learned that Faison was also keeping the real Duke at the Swiss clinic and had forced him to feed him his memories to fool Anna and Robin. But, Robin saw through Faison and so did Robert, who came back to town to warn Anna but she didn’t believe him. But, there was yet another person who would rise from the dead…AJ Quartermaine. Following Jason’s shooting and presumed death, fans learned that AJ hadn’t died years ago and that Monica and Steve covered it up. Three presumed dead characters resurfacing on one show! How can that not be #1?!



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