Top 10 Questions for 'Revenge'--Episode 10

By Glenda Staten,

Do you try to figure out what will happen next on Revenge? I do it all the time.

Here are the top 10 questions for Revenge, Episode 10. Do you think you can figure out what will happen next? Watch the clips and share your thoughts with us. Have fun!

Clip # 1

In this clip, Victoria asks Emily to help her with her plot to keep Daniel in line. I don’t trust Victoria at all. I wonder what she’s really up to.

1. Do you think Victoria has a secret motive?

2. Will Victoria’s plan succeed?

Clip # 2

In this clip, Conrad and Daniel meet for lunch and witness Emily and Aiden’s public break up. I don’t know how Aiden will handle the break up. I wonder if he can keep his jealousy under control.

3. Will Conrad continue to maintain his position regarding Daniel’s request?

4. Since the intense conversation between Emily and Aiden ended their relationship, what will happen between Daniel and Emily?

5. If Daniel and Emily’s friendship is renewed, will Aiden’s jealously deter him from carrying out the plan that he has with Emily?

Clip #3

In this clip, the police find drugs on Jack’s boat and they start to arrest Declan, but Jack says that the drugs belong to him. I know the drugs don’t belong to Jack, but I don’t know how he’s going to prove it.

6. Now that Jack has been arrested, how will he get out of this situation?

7. Who will bail Jack out of jail?

8. Do you think the authorities will find out who the drugs really belong to?

Clip #4

In this clip, Aiden meets with the imitative in this clip, and he finds out that his sister is still alive. I don’t know if his sister is really still alive, but I think he will do anything to find out.

9. Do you believe Aiden’s sister is still alive?

10. Since Aiden thinks his sister is alive, do you think he will betray anyone to see his sister?

image credit: ABC



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