Top 10 Super Bowl commercials

By Matt Dworman,

Next weekend is the Super Bowl, and even if you are not a fan of football there is at least one part you may be looking forward to. The commercials. This is the only time of the year when people actually want to watch commercials. They have become as important as the game itself. So lets take a look back and see what some of the greatest Super Bowl commercials of all time are.

10. “The Force”
This commercial reminds you the time when you were a little kid. It has a nostalgia feeling to it. Men can relate to the whole Star Wars aspect while woman will just find the little child cute and innocent. It’s fun for the whole family.

9. “Imported From Detroit”

This is one of the most powerful commercials in a recent memory. With current economical struggles this commercial showed that America was getting back on its feet. A lot of the time Super Bowl commercials try to go for cheap laughs, but not this one. The Eminem song really brought everything together and showed pride in Detroit and Chrysler.

8. “E-Trade Baby Girlfriend”

There have been many of the E-Trade baby commercials that have been very funny. They still air new ones today. Even though the early ones were the best ones, the modern commercials are still amusing. I could have picked a number of these types of commercials but I decided to choose the one that gave us the term “milkaholic”

7. “Hank the Clydesdale”

You can’t have a Super Bowl without a Budweiser commercial. For such a long time the Clydesdale has been an integral part in their marketing campaign. This commercial stands out because it actually has a story, and a good one too. In what is an ode to the movie Rocky it is impossible not to root for this particular horse.

6. “Cindy Crawford”

A beautiful woman in commercials is almost more important than the product itself. The interesting thing about this commercial is that we don’t even notice the product until the end. But after watching it, all of a sudden you feel a little thirsty. Cindy Crawford set the standard for sexy women in commercials. Many have tried to top her, but she still remains the queen.

5. “The Showdown”

Watching two of the biggest sports athletes play a game of “HORSE” is relatable; until you actually see the kinds of shots they perform. It is difficult for basketball to take away some of the attention of the biggest football game of the year, but this commercial just makes you want to go outside and shoot some hoops.

4. “When I Grow Up”

Right from the beginning this commercial forces you to put down your chips and see what this commercial is about. It has a realistic feel with its black and white images and kids talking directly to us. It also makes us think about our lives, future and even children and whether we are on the right path. At the end we might just go check out the website.

3. “Terry Tate”

One of the funniest commercials and it still holds up today. Just in case we think that we might be able to play football, this commercial reminds us that we can’t. And that no matter how much we hate our jobs, it could be worse. This commercial inspired so many quotes that we could just go around yelling at our friends. We may want to act like Terry Tate, but we don’t want to run into him.

2. “Mean Joe Green”

This is one of the most classic and memorable commercials. There have even been other commercials based on this one. Joe Green was one of the fiercest players at that time, but this commercial humanized him. It shows that two people can come together with the help of a Coke.

1. “1984”

Arguably the most famous commercial ever. This commercial wasn’t just about making us laugh or telling us there is a new product out, but it is about a change of life as the way we know it. It was directed by Ridley Scott and used the idea about a dystopian future from the book 1984 Something different was coming and it is time for us to either embrace it or go back to living in a time without control. It also helped Apple become one of the biggest computer companies.



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