‘Top Gun 3D’ trailer released, Jerry Bruckheimer talks about re-release (Video)

By Daniel S Levine,

Top Gun is heading back to theaters next month for an IMAX 3D re-release. A trailer for the new version hit the web Wednesday and producer Jerry Bruckheimer spoke about revisiting the film so soon after the tragic death of director Tony Scott.

The 3D conversion of the 1986 blockbuster was one of Scott’s last projects before his suicide in August. He was also planning a sequel with Tom Cruise and had reportedly done some location scouting. A 3D re-release of the original film would likely have renewed interest in the series for a Top Gun 2, but it was reported that the idea has been scrapped.

Still, Paramount is moving forward for the 3D re-issue. The film will be in IMAX 3D for just six days starting on Feb. 8. On Feb. 19, a new Blu-ray edition will hit stores with a new documentary.

“Some of the action scenes were of course a little more difficult but they did a brilliant job,” Bruckheimer told USA Today about the conversion process. “"It really is exciting when they land on those carriers, and the dogfights. You really think Tony shot it in 3-D. Tony was thrilled, and he was a perfectionist.”

Seeing the film again “brings back a lot of great memories and a lot of good times that we had. You remember the struggles, and (then) you remember all the fun that was involved and you forget some of the struggles,” the Lone Ranger producer said.

He added that the re-release is “absolutely bittersweet...Besides being my partner, he was a very close friend. THe producer added, “It makes it even more difficult now that we lost Tony.”

Here’s the trailer the studio released Wednesday:



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