'Totally T-BOZ' recap: T-Boz's debut on reality television

By Dominique M. Carson,
Singer T-Boz wants to start over in the music industry

Tionne T-BOZ Watkins, is known as the lead singer of the 90's R&B
music trio TLC.

Along with Rozanda "Chilli" Thomas and the late Lisa "Left Eye"
Lopes, TLC has sold more than 65 million records worldwide. They have
received numerous awards and are known for their hits, "Creep," "Too
Proud 2 Beg," "Waterfalls," "No Scrubs," "Unpretty," and the list goes
on. TLC is ranked as one of the best R&B girl groups of all time,
breaking many barriers for many other female groups such as Destiny's
Child. But, behind the fame, fortune, and success, the group had to
overcome some of the most distressing challenges in their life. Ten
years ago, Lisa "Left- Eye" Lopes died in a car accident in Honduras,
T-BOZ went through a malicious divorce with rapper Mack 10, suffered a
brain tumor, and Chilli pursued along projects along the way.

However, T-BOZ regains her strength after the brain tumor and returns
to the music industry after so many years. She shares her latest
career aspirations on her new reality show, Totally T-BOZ on
TLC. The first episode of T-BOZ's reality show was about her starting
over, wanting to go solo, write music for other artists, and make TLC
a part time gig. T-BOZ is ready to try something different. But, it's
hard for T-BOZ because 2012 is TLC's 20th Anniversary. The group is in
the middle of promoting a new album, planning a tour, and producing a
biopic. But, she doesn't want to be TLC to be her main priority
because her health and family is more important and wants to evolve as
a singer and songwriter. Her motto is "All good things must come to a

T-BOZ's latest decision questions the future of TLC because Chilli
doesn't agree with her new career aspirations. Chilli believes she's
forgetting that TLC opened many doors for T-BOZ so why turn your back
on the group?

Personally, when I saw the reality show, I believe Chilli was being a
little selfish because TLC is an iconic group that will never fade
away. At 22, TLC is still my favorite R&B female group and I know I'm
not the only one. I would love for TLC to make another album but I
believe it's not the same without Left Eye's artistic talents. I
believe Left Eye added more zest to the group with her raps, witty
attitude, and rough edge.

On the other hand, they can still perform their greatest hits at
arenas and award shows, coach other upcoming female groups, and
produce the biopic. Sometimes groups reach their prime and I believe
TLC is one of the groups. The industry is changing in a matter of
seconds so TLC should continue to set an example for other aspiring
singers. As a result, Chilli should be empathetic to T-BOZ's feelings
because she's right in my opinion.



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