U2's Bono had a spider named after him

By Gavriella Tjandra,

It was not an honor every celebrity could obtain.

The singer made his latest mark on the animal kingdom by having a spider named after him, E! Online reported.

According to The Press Enterprise nearly three dozen new species of spiders had been found, and three of them were from Joshua Tree National Park.

Taxonomist Jason Bond of Auburn University Museum of Natural History identified 33 new species of spiders found in the California and Nevada area.

He had a little fun naming the new species.

Bond named the first two of the species Native American tribes A. chemehuevi, and A. serrano.

He named the third one bonoi, after Bono, to honor their 1987 album Joshua Tree, in which the cover art had a photograph of the group at the national park.

Other species had been named after some celebrities, such as Cesar Chavez, John Muir, magician Penn Jillette, President Barack Obama, Angelina Jolie, and Bond's daughter, Elizabeth.

There were other celebrities who got an honor to have species after their names or remarks.

For instance, a new Brazilian species of bee was named Euglossa bazinga. It was a remark Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper uttered in the TV sitcom The Big Bang Theory.



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