‘The Vampire Diaries’ Recap: After School Special

By Freda Eang,

The mid-season return starts with a memorial service of Carol Lockwood, whose death was reported as an accident per usual. Half the gang is present in the school’s gymnasium since Damon is giving Jeremy (and Matt) a crash course on becoming a hunter (Klaus later appears as well). The situation at school turns sour after Elena leaves for the hallways and is ambushed by Rebekah (who is clearly now undaggered). Elena is taken into a classroom, where April, Stefan, and Caroline are present. April is quickly dismissed from the room to run errands for Rebekah, but the other three are compelled to update Rebekah with everything that has happened since she was daggered. As she gets up to speed with the events of Mystic Falls, Rebekah is intrigued to find out that Stefan and Elena are no longer together. The situation becomes more awkward when Rebekah pushes the topic and it’s revealed that Caroline has told Stefan about Elena and Damon sleeping with each other. Stefan is angry at this fact, but he’s more heartbroken when he finds out that Elena slept with his brother not because she is sired to him, but because she is actually in love with him. Talk about like putting a stake in the heart with this new-found knowledge.

Relations aside, Rebekah has Kol bring Professor Shane over to the school after finding out that he knows where the cure is located at, but not before she compels Tyler (who she called earlier to come save Caroline) to turn into a werewolf. The gang is left in a dilemma as they are compelled to stay inside the school, but they manage to hold their ground until Rebekah releases them. While Elena and company were trying to stay alive, Rebekah and Kol interrogate Shane under extreme circumstances. If it weren’t for Bonnie’s spell that connected Shane’s life to April, Shane would have died after getting his head dunk into water one too many times. One thing’s for sure is that Rebekah and Kol do not want whoever Cyrus is to come back from the dead.

Aside from that, new alliances are made by the end of the episode, with many of our characters still recovering from betrayals and losses from previous events. Tyler finally breaks down in the school’s gymnasium as he blames himself for his mother’s death, but fortunately Caroline is there to take care of him. Elena gives Damon a call telling him how she loves him and not fighting his feelings for Elena any longer, Damon tells Elena to come to him. I’m quite happy for the two of them, but find myself feeling bad for Stefan as he is hurting so bad that he rather Rebekah compel him to forget his entire relationship with Elena then to live in the present. Stefan’s choice to team up with Rebekah has to be one of the most surprising moments of tonight’s episode, but I can’t say that it wasn’t possible. Don’t mind me for saying this, but I think Ripper Stefan might be making a comeback sooner than anyone expects.

Last but not least, Jeremy has a lot of vampires to kill next week, let’s hope the hunter in him doesn’t take over.

Thoughts on the episode? Also, before I forget how does everyone feel about Bonnie’s dad showing up and becoming the new town mayor? I find it all so fishy and a coincidental.

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on the CW.



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