Vanessa Williams admits to lip-syncing her 1996 Super Bowl performance

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Beyonce may never stop hearing references to her lip-syncing the National Anthem, despite not only her multiple Grammy Award wins, but numerous celebs coming to her defense. Now, another celeb has come to her defense, Vanessa Williams, who holds one of the top ten best Super Bowl National Anthem performances of all time- but now admits that she lip-synced her 1996 performance.

“Whitney [Houston] had done hers before me and the network wants you to pre-record, so you pre-record with your orchestra,” Williams explained to Omg Yahoo! while in New Orleans Thursday.

“You lay down the track,” she explains. “Then when it’s time to perform you lip sync, because you’ve got flyovers with the jets, you’ve got pyrotechnics behind you and you want to make sure that the sound is consistent. And that’s what the network asks of you. So, there’s no ‘Can she sing it? Can she not? Is it live or is it not?’ There’s no way you’re gonna get a live orchestra on the field at the same time and that’s part of what they want as a network.”

Despite the admission, Williams still calls that one of the “highlights” of her life.

Beyonce appeared for a press conference in New Orleans Thursday and belted out the National Anthem proving what fans already know, she has an incredible singing voice. According to Reuters, she explained during the conference her desire for perfection and that despite speculation she will be singing live during her Super Bowl half-time performance.



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