Victoria Beckham tells Elle she wanted to be successful on her own

By Daniela Duron,

Victoria Beckham is a former Spice Girl and married to David Beckham – but that doesn’t mean she’s got it made.

Beckham, who has a successful fashion line, tells the March issue of ELLE UK that work ethic is extremely important to her, something that pushed her to prove to herself she could be successful on her own.

“I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it,” Beckham says. “I don’t have to work, I need to work.”

Her motivation to be successful in the fashion industry also comes from her insecurities. “When I was on stage with the Spice Girls, I thought people were there to see the other four and not me,” she says. “And when I go out with David and people take pictures I think, ‘They’re here to take David’s picture.’”

Beckham, who also admits she’s a “control freak” when it comes to her fashion line, is glad she worked her way up to her success, because she knows like herself, none of her fellow designers have been given anything.

After living in Los Angeles for many years while husband David played soccer for the L.A. Galaxy, they’re now getting ready to move their family back to the U.K., something they're looking forward to.

"Now David has finished playing for LA Galaxy and we are starting a new chapter in our lives; as a family we are all very excited about what lies ahead for 2013,” she says.




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