Watch the Newest Oscar-Nominated Disney Short ‘Paperman’

By Lena Finkel,

Disney's newest short film Paperman is already a fan-favorite!

The animated film, which premiered before Wreck-it Ralph, has been nominated for the Oscar for Best Short (Animated) Film, according to Worst Previews.

Directed by John Kahrs and Kristina Reed, the film follows a New Yorker who unexpectedly meets a woman while waiting for the subway. Immediately smitten, he’s disheartened when she disappears into a subway car. Luckily, their paths soon cross again and he does all he can to get back to her, all with a little help from some paper friends of course.

Mashable reports that the film is a combination of hand-drawn animation and computer graphics and took a total of 12 artists to complete.

In his Oscar Questionnaire, Kahrs said he was “thrilled” when he found out about the nomination and “ran around the house waking everyone up.” He claims that the film was his “dream project.”

Watch the Oscars on February 24 at 7pm to find out whether or not Paperman wins Best Animated Short.



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