This Week On Facebook - Facebook introduces subtle changes to Timeline

By Meghan Giannotta,

Whenever Facebook decides to change its layout, an extreme backlash from users can always be expected. In December, some users began to see changes to Facebook’s Timeline. These changes are now being spread to all of the network’s users.

Don’t worry -- this time, Facebook’s changes are very subtle. In December, some users began to notice a row of new options that appeared at the top of their page while viewing their own profile. Below their user picture, maps and thumbnails of photos and friends were suddenly gone.

On Wednesday in New Zealand, all of Facebook users noticed the change to their profiles. Mashable.com suggests that Facebook has a tendency to begin new changes on Wednesdays, which means that US users can expect to see a change to their Timelines beginning today.

When the change begins, users can expect to see a row of options including, Timeline, About, Friends, Photos, and More, which replaces the thumbnail images that were there before.

The change will also introduce a “Collections Manager” which will allow users to customize what content is visible at the top of the Timeline. It will also allow users to rearrange the order of what tabs are visible to them in the right hand column of the network.

Mashable.com has suggested that some New Zealanders are opposed to the new changes, saying that Facebook has chosen to fix a problem that was not exactly a problem to begin with.

When US users begin to experience the changes however, they are not expected to cause any kind of stir.



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