This Week On Facebook - What happens to your account if you die?

By Meghan Giannotta,

While Facebook has become a huge part in the lives of users around the globe, what happens to the pages of those users once they become deceased?

Security measures on Facebook have made user’s accounts extremely private if they wish to make them so. Passwords and account emails are strictly private information and remain known only to the user unless they specify otherwise.

So what would happen to a users profile if they die? The issue of inactive Facebook profiles remaining live years after the user has passed away has brought up discussion of passing a bill to allow personal representatives to control the deceased’s online profiles.

The issue arose in Nebraska after a man accessed his ex-wife’s profile after she passed away, and posted inappropriate comments on her page. Nebraska State Senator John Wightman has proposed the bill in hopes to follow after Rhode Island, Oklahoma, Indiana and Idaho with their means of handling deceased Facebook profiles, reports The Huffington Post.

The bill would allow a user to be aware of another user’s password information, in the case that they may pass away.

Although Senator Wightman has already attempted to pass this bill last year, he is hoping to run it by the legislature once more.



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