To 10 Things to do to Celebrate Single Awareness Day!

By Danielle Costa,
Happy Single Awareness Day; Happy Anti-Valentine’s Day; Happy Valentine’s Day...whatever you call it, I hope you have a great day!

Valentine’s Day is upon us, friends. It is here! If you are into the whole pomp and circumstance of the day, then I hope you get all of the flowers and chocolate that your heart desires. However, if you are more like my friends and I, then you may just think this entire holiday isn’t all it’s chocked up to be.

Did you know that today is also known as Single Awareness Day? Well, it is. And as someone who is single on this Valentine’s Day, I can tell you that it definitely makes you very aware of the fact you are alone. However, don’t let it get you down! Here is a list of some things you can do today to keep your spirits up!

10. Have a not so Valentine movie marathon. What is worse than watching a romantic comedy when you are alone? At the end, you are just left wondering why you can’t have that big dramatic moment at an airport terminal like the girl in the movie. To keep your spirits up and not have relationships on the brain, why not grab some of your favorite horror movies or comedies that have absolutely nothing to do with Valentine’s Day? However, if you feel like being really ironic, why not watch My Bloody Valentine?

9.Treat yourself. Who says you have to wait for a Leo Dicaprio look alike to walk into your life until you can indulge in all of the luxuries that Valentine’s Day has to offer? Hit up your local drugstore and head straight for the Valentine themed aisle and grab as many heart shaped boxes of candy you can! You are your own Valentine, and don’t you forget it! Embrace it...and stuff your face!

8.Make a Mixtape. What makes you feel better than music? The perfect tune can completely change your day and turn your frown upside down! Why not go on your iPod and create a playlist of all of the songs that make you feel amazing! Listen to that playlist as many times as you want today and remember how amazing you are, with or without a date tonight!

7.Turn into a master chef. Romantic dinner for two? No, I’m talking about an amazing meal for one! Make your favorite dish or try something completely new and different that you have always wanted to cook. When you are alone, you have the ability to be as adventurous and weird as you want. Why not start with food?!

6.Play catch-up. Without any big plans for the day, why don’t you just hang out at home and play catch-up on some of the things you need to do. Maybe you have been putting off doing your laundry or if you’re in school, there’s a bunch of things you should be doing instead of sitting on Tumblr. And no, I am not talking about completely spending the day just doing mundane errands, but hey...doing something and being productive is way better than sitting around all day!

5.Read a great book. Hang out in a fictionalized world today! Grab your favorite book or a new read in the free Kindle store. Take some time away from your own single life and step into the life of some other girl who is dating a prince of some foreign land or of a post apocalyptic world where the only thing people care about is just staying alive. The Hunger Games anyone?

4.Dinner and a movie. Just because you are single, does not mean you have to stay inside and dwell on that fact. Couples do not have a monopoly on these fun evening plans. Grab some friends and hit up your favorite restaurant and go see a movie! The best part about this, is that you can get as dressed up or as casual as you want since you are not on a date. Enjoy the time with the ones you love and don’t dwell on the happy couples sharing popcorn

3.Go do something goofy: You have the entire day to enjoy your own company and the company of your friends and family. Why not embrace your personality and go out there and be as silly and goofy as you can?! Hit up an arcade with some friends or go bowling! Take some silly pictures and videos and forget about being single for the day!

2.Just relax. With every other day of the year consisting of busy schedules and stress, why not take today to focus on you completely and just relax. De-stress and enjoy yourself while doing nothing but chilling out! That sounds pretty good to me right about now!

1.Remember you are not alone. You may not have a special someone right now, but that does not mean you are all by your lonesome! Grab your best friends and just enjoy each other’s company. Do whatever you want and just have a blast! When you have fun, nothing else matters!

Happy Single Awareness Day; Happy Anti-Valentine’s Day; Happy Valentine’s Day...whatever you call it, I hope you have a great day!



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