10 Women Who Make Valentine's Day "Singledom" Fabulous

By Christopher Rosa,

Ah, Valentine’s Day is upon us once again-- the time of year that makes us single people gag as we watch happy couples down chocolate covered strawberries and sob during the latest Channing Tatum/Rachel McAdams love-fest. It is a cringe-worthy holiday made for mocking, eye rolling, and dismissing. However, the fearless females in Hollywood who have it all without significant others inspire us—and they look fabulous while doing it!

10. Zooey Deschanel

She’s adorable. She’s fun. She’s single. We don’t know how, but everyone’s favorite New Girl is without a special someone come Thursday. But when you’re on a hit television show, producing an upcoming comedy, and promoting Rimmel cosmetics, who has time to date? Zooey is the epitome of cute and carefree.

9. Eva Longoria

After a six-year marriage to basketball player Tony Parker and a chain of other boy toys, this famous Housewife also finds herself flying solo. However, Longoria is busy shooting a new film and looking too hot to worry about men.

8. Taylor Swift

After a recent breakup with One Direction member Harry Styles and a high-profile relationship with a Kennedy, the queen of turning breakups into Top 40 gold finds herself single. However, if we know our T-Swift, she will date another guy, break up with him, and churn out another fabulous song by the summer.

7. Sandra Bullock

Hollywood’s favorite golden girl, Sandra is the essence of humor, style, and grace packaged into a gorgeous 48-year-old woman. Now that her marriage to Jesse E. James is a thing of the past (Thank God, we never liked him!), Sandra can spend her Valentine’s Day devoted to the best man to ever walk into her life: Louis Bardo Bullock, her adorable adopted son. Maybe she can even call up her co-star in The Heat (out summer 2013), Melissa McCarthy, for a hilarious girls night out! Can we please get invited?

6. Lucy Hale

After dumping boyfriend Chris Zylka in September, this Pretty Little Liars bombshell is on the prowl. She is young, gorgeous, and easily the most stylist liar on her hit ABC show. What’s not to love?

5. Demi Lovato

Unlike any young star out there, Demi has proven her strength. After admitting to suffering from cutting and an eating disorder a few years back, Lovato has since rehabilitated herself and came back with a bang on the judging panel for The X Factor . However, the “Give Your Heart A Break” star has no hearts to break right now. That’s fine. With a new album out this year and the possibility of rejoining The X Factor , Lovato is too busy (and fabulous!) for guys.

4. Amy Poehler

Amy recently announced she and husband Will Arnett were divorcing. Amy needs to find someone who can keep up with her comedic chops. And until then, she can have a better Valentine’s Day than most of us and crack herself up.

3. Betty White

The ultimate single lady. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

2. Britney Spears

Britney recently announced a break up with fiancé Jason Trawick. However, Britney is the ultimate survivor and the last thing she needs is a man slowing her down. With a confirmed 2-year performance residency in Las Vegas and a new album on the horizon, Britney is truly back and better than ever.

1.Jennifer Lawrence

Lawrence is arguably the most talented young actress of her generation. She is the front-runner to win Best Actress this year for her incredible performance in Silver Linings Playbook . She is also the hottest young movie star on the market. At 22, Lawrence is well beyond her years. And we know exactly how she’s spending her Valentine’s Day—shopping for an Oscar gown and being awesome.

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