'1600 Penn' Recap: 'Frosting/Nixon'

By Drew Barile,

In this episode Skip and his father bonded over transportation issues. Emily helped Xander in his school election while Marigold was seduced by the enemy, Jessica. Becca used Sandy her secret service body guard as a therapist.

Emily decided to meet Xander's teacher, after Xander claimed she was helping the other student run for president. Emily went to the school and spoke with the teacher, only to discover she was indeed on the other candidates side and doesn't like Emily's husband. Emily creates a "war-room" for Xander and his campaign staff, and encourages him to be more likable, changing his name to the X-men and starting his speeches with warmer openings.

Skip in an attempted to see why protestors hate his father, walked amongst them. Of course he was spotted and became involved in their cause, confronting his father about the transportation cuts. Skip and the President sit down, his father explaining he is thinking big picture. When Skip goes to return to the protestors they explain he was neglecting other key issues. Skip joins the protestors side, marching outside with them. The group of protestors and Skip prohibited a street sweeper, causing the incident to be on TV, so his father called all of them in to discuss the issue. The President brings them all into the Oval Office, and they all discuss the issues over a cup of hot chocolate. Once again, Skip is able to bring a group of quarreling opposing sides to agreement. The protestors leave, only to find 10,000 people waiting outside to talk to the President.

Back at school Jessica pretended to be Marigold's friend, tricking her to reveal where Xander's presidential speech was. Jessica then stole Xander's speech and read it as her own in front of the whole school. However, Xander did not falter and starts ranting about a soda machine, then drifted into a fervent speech about proxies. However, Marigold saved the day by shouting that Xander was suggesting a soda machine and the audience erupted in excitement. Xander won the election.

Becca confronted Sandy, her secret service agent, and asked her why she would respond to her. Sandy breaks down as emotionally as Becca did previously, saying that she was thinking. Thinking about how she is 37 single heterosexual and can't find a man, and that she wishes for Becca's problems. Becca realized that her complaining was perhaps misplaced and bonds with Sandy.

The next episode, "Skip the Boat" airs next Thursday, February 14th at 9:30 p.m.



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