'1600 Penn' Recap: 'Skip Tour'

By Drew Barile,

"Skip Tour" was a fun episode that had a main focus on Presidents Gilchrist's relationship with his brother. His brother Doug was played by Bruce Campbell, who is best known for his role as Ash from Evil Dead and Army of Darkness. He also plays Sam on Burn Notice. The episode also focused peripherally Becca's plight. And of course the episode featured a comedic relief from Skip, and his behind the scene tour of the White House.

The episode started with Skip tagging along on a White House tour. During the tour he was interrupting the guide with inaccurate historical comments, and revealing secrets of the White house. He began one of his grand speeches, this one was about how the public deserves to touch things and explore freely. During his speech his knocked over glasses and destroyed them, he comically scampered off under the guise of soggy cereal.

The episode progressed to a family meal with the whole Gilchrist members including Doug. Doug, the Presidents brother began telling a story about how his brother chickened out back in high school before a wrestling match with a man-child named Carmin. The story upsets the President, and he vehemently protested that he had mono and missed the match because the illness. Doug denies this fact. The President excuses himself and his wife Emily accompanied him. She confronts him about his disposition, he confessed that the story upsets him and his brother makes him feel little.

Emily believed that she could fix the dynamic between the brothers and encourages him to have a sit down chat with his brother, where they express their inner most emotions. The President is reluctant.

Becca's ordeal had grown more, between her public pregnancy and her issues with Marshall. Becca and DB are in Marshall's office being prepared for a press interview. Marshall instructed the handsome but dimwitted DB to be silent in the interview, and to only smile.

DB was feeling confident in his smiling left to return to his duties at Old Navy. He left Becca and Marshal alone to discuss their relationship issues. Marshall told Becca that he was visiting his sick uncle in the hospital last nigh, as he explained it, a staffer calls him over. As he left the room, his phone alarmed and Becca saw that he had a text from a woman Vanessa. The text read that she had fun last night and wished to do it again soon. Becca replied on the phone "not gonna happen." She immediately realized that was a mistake, and deleted the text messages.

Skip was sitting down at the table with his uncle Doug, they were discussing business. His uncle encouraged him to see what the people want and give it to them. This inspired Skip to host his own personal tours of the White House.

Skip dress in Wily Wonka like garb enticed a group of people onto his tour. He brought them through public restricted areas including the President and First Lady's bathroom, which provided them the ability to ease drop on Emily speaking to President Gilchrist about confronting Doug.

The President and Doug sat down in the Oval office for a talk, it is extremely awkward and unproductive. Emily intervened and created dialogue, after her departure the two men are fine and drinking scotch. However, the President mentioned how Emily thought Doug was bitter that he wash't President and that their lives were swapped because of the match versus Carmin. As Doug fought Carmin in his brothers stead and wasn't able to join the Navy because of a broken arm.

Doug became silent and begun to think there was some truth in that theory. Doug sat in the presidents chair and begun ranting that he ought to be President. They two brother began to wrestle and eventually the President had Doug in an arm bar. Doug refused to tap out and the President released him. The President confessed that he did chicken out and that he couldn't be where he is today if not for Doug. Doug relieved and happy, admitted that was all he ever wanted to hear. They make peace and hugged it out.

Skip and his tour over saw the whole event, and began cheering. The President quite vexed commanded Skip get out. Skip again comedically ushers his group out. The episode then cut to Becca.

Becca is preparing for her interview, and Marshall confronted her about her actions. Becca denied knowing what Marshall was talking about initially. She eventually confessed and apologized for touching his phone. Marshall explained that he didn't lie, he did visit his uncle in the hospital but also went on a date afterward. He hysterically remarked to Becca, "I am an adult I can use the whole night."

Becca began her interview composed and denying that she is not taking the pregnancy well. After continual asking from the interviewer, she breaks down in tears expressing how tough being public president is, and for the first time shows her humanity, according to Marshall and a staffer.

The episode ended on Becca's emotional revelation that she is pregnant.



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