'1600 Penn' is sitting this week out

By Steven Mitchell,
NBC is cutting dead weight

NBC is making more moves with its network. Comedy 1600 Penn will take a breather this week, but only for one week.

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1600 Penn will be preempt this upcoming week because of a poor viewer turn out, reports Deadline. The comedy, which is in its first season, will be replaced with a supersized The Office. A Valentine-themed The Office will be split into back-to-back originals. The decision comes from the NBC heads who just loved the episode.

It seems that no show is truly safe at NBC or at least the Thursday night lineup. After having Christina Applegate walk from sitcom Up All Night, the network went and canned the new drama Do No Harm after just airing two episodes. That series will be replaced with reruns of Law & Order: SVU for the time being.

According to Variety, the moves have been because of poor numbers. Do No Harm took a 22 percent drop. The drama received a 0.9 rating, which is the poorest series debut in the history of the four major networks. 1600 Penn got a rating of 1.1.

What will NBC do when hit sitcoms such as The Office and 30 Rock aren't back next season? They already committed 22 episodes to an untitled Micheal J. Fox sitcom that hasn't even filmed a pilot. Will they be the savior for NBC Thursday nights?

1600 Penn stars Josh Gad, Bill Pullman and Jenna Elfman. The sitcom will return Thursday Feb. 21. As of now it looks like all other NBC series are in the clear.

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