‘2 Broke Girls’ Recap: ‘And the Plane Magic’

By May Chan,
Is 2 Chainz too cool for these two broke girls?

While working a shift at the diner, Max and Caroline decide to ditch Han Jobs’s revolutionary ketchup bottles to see The Raveonettes play.

However, when the girls are stuck in the back alley waiting around to get in the door, they’re on the brink of boredom even with a guy dressed as a cow and Max’s supply of alcohol. But then, someone from the band opens the door, sees charming Max kick the trash can, and invites the girls backstage to hang with the band.

The next day at the diner, Caroline relays to Earl that she’s worried about Max because she didn’t come home last night, but Earl assures Caroline that Max could take care of herself.

When Sophie makes her entrance, she’s in her glitzy matching sweats. She excuses herself for her outfit claiming to have been running after the high school boys’ track team.

Oleg chimes in from the kitchen diner that he’s not worried about Sophie because she can never catch up to those boys, but Sophie announces she just snagged a date with Brandon to prom.

Max, donning a pair of sunglasses, strolls in to a worried Caroline. Caroline asks Max why does she look extra pretty. Max replies, “Probably the new shades I didn’t pay for or the hours of him going Downton on my Abbey.”

Earl not only doesn’t want to hear the deeds, but he doesn’t want to hear any spoilers about Downton Abbey. Earl loves any show that features white people as the help.

Max tells Caroline that they’ve been invited to the Grammy Awards. As soon as Han hears this, he’s excited about the possibility of 2 Chainz being there. Caroline challenges Han that she’s the bigger fan by rapping one of the artist’s songs, but Han still wants her to get the rapper to sign his concert shirt.

Max also reveals that she has never been on a plane, and the first one she boards will be a private plane to the Grammys!

After boarding the plane, the girls realize the third passenger on the plane is none other than 2 Chainz.

Caroline also runs into her former pilot, Bill, who had just gotten plastic surgery. Bill still has the hots for Caroline after so many years, but Caroline doesn’t feel the same, yet she doesn’t let Bill down because he is flying the plane after all.

Bill invites Max to the cockpit with the other pilot, who discloses his drug habit that isn’t exactly clear yet, so in order to not repeat the carnival plane fiasco, in which Max crashed a mini plane, Max feels the need to be in control now.

The pilot allows Max to put her hands on the wheel, but something bad happens, and Max assumes she broke the plane.

Bill returns to the cockpit and announces that the plane will be landing in Kansas because of engine trouble. The girls are stuck in a motel with a bunch of junk food and a vibrating bed. So much for going to the Grammy Awards.

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