6-year-old transgender child banned from using girls’ bathroom at school

By Camille Requiestas,
Parents fight back

6-year-old, Coy Mathis, was born a boy but identifies as a girl and has been banned from using the girls’ bathroom in her school in Colorado.

Yahoo! Shine! reports Mathis’ parents and their lawyer have filed a discrimination complaint against the school.

The complaint is in response to a formal decision made in December 2012 by the Fountain-Fort Carson School District that Coy Mathis could not use the girls’ restroom anymore, according to CNN.

Kathryn Mathis, mother of the 6-year-old, says, “"We were very confused because everything was going so well, and they had been so accepting, and all of a sudden it changed and it was very confusing and very upsetting because we knew that, by doing that, she was going to go back to being unhappy [and] it was going to set her up for a lot of bad things."

Mrs. Mathis states she just wants what is best for her and hopes she can go to school as an equal with no harassment.

Attorney Michael Silverman represents Coy and says about the case, "For many transgender people, discrimination is a daily part of life. Unfortunately for Coy, it has started very early.”



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