8 Twitter reasons why the Pope quit

By Alex Ewald,
Pope Benedict XVI will be first to resign in nearly 600 years.

The Vatican announced this morning that the 85-year-old Catholic leader is resigning due to poor health, among other things. He will step down Feb. 28, the NY Times reports.

But Benedict (Twitter name @Pontifex) can’t really claim “spending time with his family”… Aca-awkward.

8. The actual reason:

But that’s not as funny as make-believe reasons:

7. He’d like to expand his other interests:

6. Of the more unique variety, probably:

5. Some sports joke, or…:

4. I don’t even know.

3. Breakfast is just too important not to blame:

2. His secret identity just became too much to bear:

1. Or the Pope was just like the rest of us — sick of people on the Interwebs:

It's understandable. People are the worst, Benedict.



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